I woke up this morning and found a quarter under my pillow. First thought was, toothfairy? But I have all my teeth. Not sure where it came from but perhaps the next time it could be a $20!



Dragon Hatcher

It seems there is always something new to find. As i was measuring the area for my yurt i found 2 baby dragons hatching. It must be spring.


What do you do when you find a lizard in the tub?


Hating downward facing dog

I have had a very hard time this first semester at school with my third period class. Today we took the final exam and tomorrow is the last day. So after the exam I asked the students (in all my classes) who wanted to write down what they liked and what they disliked about class.  Some were in yoga and the others in dance. This is what they had to say:

Dance is Amazing. I like the teacher and what she has to offer. I learned many techniques. I’ll be back!

I enjoyed class you were a great teacher. I didn’t like the anoying people who didn’t participate.

I dislike the fact that I hardly have any rhythm but I love all the workouts and the fun we had.  Meditation was dope.

What I liked about yoga is everything. What I didn’t like is that yoga is over.

I liked the meditate because it helped me get my stress out. I really had fun in this class. And you are an awesome teacher. I like how you teach. Have a good day.

I liked most learning new things and meditation. I really had fun in this class.

I liked that when I was mad or sad it would make me feel better. I am going to miss it…and the teacher too 🙂 I disliked the mean girls but whatever.

I loved how flexable I got and the workout. It was a blast with one of the best yoga teacher ever.

I loved how the teacher taught the class and helped us do the best we could.

I like that I learned how to calm down and stretch my muscles.  Disliked when I could not do a position I felt left out.

Everything it was a fun class.

Honestly, I felt touched. I expected a lot of I hate downward dog and many wrote that but I did not expect the positive feedback about me and the support in being frustrated with the “mean girls”.

I was really saddened by the one comment of how not being able to do a position made them feel left out.  I will address that in my new class and be more aware.

I feel like today I was given many little sparkly kisses as an unexpected gift.

                                                       In gratitude, Yotaki


Would you be surprised if I told you the head of security said the guard is new, we all make mistakes and he is very sorry.  Then of course the security head began to yell at me and blame me.  How does one go from being victim to offender in less than 60 seconds.  Oh well, all I can imagine is that it will now become very difficult for any of my guests to get through the gate without being harassed by security.  Once more, really reconsider if you plan to live in an HOA.

I forgot to mention the person was seen walking around my house and peering in my neighbors windows! How is that for security.

I know some of you are also going through foreclosure.   It seems people have very similar experiences. If your foreclosure is just beginning perhaps this will help you avoid some of the pitfalls. Try to stay focused on what you want and how it is best for you to reach that goal.