The Rez, Coyote, Illegal

The reservation crosses the border often illegals believe it an easier way to the states.
On his way back from performing a ceremony a medicine man drove around the bend only to be confronted with a man laying across the top of a chain link fence pretending to nap. As he looked at this strange sight the man opened an eye meeting the medicine man’s eye. He looked across the road where a coyote sat watching the events.
Coyote asked what the man was doing. Both shrugged and shared a laugh as the man continued to “nap” atop the frence.


Life on the Rez

No matter what you hear… people here are wonderful, friendly, fun and helpful. Love the landscape after 20 years living in the desert rolling hills with buffalo and prairie dogs are a welcome sight. The weather is changing and I find myself eying the sweatshirt with fake fur lining every morning. So far I have been able to resist the urge but I have started carrying one in my truck.

Oh year, truck.  That is the one thing I don’t care for about South Dakota all the corn syrup in my gas.  One morning I expect to come out and find candy canes dripping from my engine and gas line.

The trees are beginning to turn color. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.