Question: Dreams vs. Reality

Why is it reality is concrete? People say, “The concretness of reality struck me.”
To use that term for dreams is hidious. One would never say the concreteness of the dreamtime unless it was to awaken you to reality.  
Dreams are more cloudlike even if they are nightmares. But are dreams any less a reality than that which we call reality? I already dream in color, at times even taste items, touch, and of course sound so what is left?
I am not sure what I am asking for but tonight I shall endeavor to have concrete dreams.


How Do You See the World?

I text my son the other day and finally felt like I wasn’t alone in my reality any more.
I had been scrapping a sticker off the window and stopped when I noticed a face appeared.


( If you look on the right the face is in white.)
I sent the photo to my son without directions of where to look.
He text back.
“Crazy how different we see the world compared to others”
Welcome to my reality! It is so nice to know there are others walking here as well. 
The door is open please come in and view life through my eyes.

So I can hang the stars

Neighbor: “Why do you have a ladder in the middle of nowhere?”
Me: “So I can hang the stars.”


You do exist!

Lacking anything to read I went to the library. Having lived here 7 months I have read almost everything on the two floors with the exception of science fiction, music, and travel books so I ventured to the 3 walls of young adult reading. Pulling out a book that seemed mildly interesting I checked it out and began to read.
It is written by an English author from sometime after wwII. I do not care for English authors but one character appeared twice making the book somewhat worth while.
The man in the elevator has a small leather book with him. Each person who rides is recorded with a discriptive sentence, note on the weather and the date.
The second time he appears in the story a mother and son have returned to ride the elevator. He opens the book and shows them the page he recorded their original  trip.
Turning to the mother he smiles,”You do exist”, he says.
I have been thinking about that all day. I do exist or perhaps not. I may buy a pocket size book to record people I see that way they will exist. If by making you real does that in turn make me real? Do I or can I exist too?

Killer Bees Cancel Constuction

Five more minutes and I would have been finished with the foundation and only need to put up a rim when I hear this loud roaring sound reminiscent of a tsunami. It is not monsoon season yet so I was confused. Standing on the platform with hammer in hand, tape measure and gloves at my feet, I listen and look around. There is nothing to see. The sound gets closer and I realize it is the sound the killer bees hanging out in my trees make.

Looking southwesterly a swarm of black killer bees are a foot away from me. I drop the hammer jump off the platform and run at a sideways angle to their path then on into the house. Work is done for the day. I refuse to go out and check on the tools. The other day a rabbit or gopher ate one of the onions I planted tip to toe totally gone, the quail did their nesting thing right next to my pineapple sage almost killing it and today the bees!

I was in line at the grocery store behind the killer bee catcher and he was saying how he has been making money hand over fist this year, said it was like a plague of bees. I figured if I didn’t bother the bees they would eventually move on. I am having second thoughts. Just looked out the kitchen window and the tools are still laying where I dropped them, not seeing my hat but tomorrow is another day. For today work has been canceled.

I hate

I hate numbers, measuring, rulers,levels and all mathematical things that are exact.
I have 8 pieces of graph paper that I have detailed, measured, counted, and drawn to exact proportion a foundation. Researched, printed, discussed lumber, pounds per square inch, weather and more. Printed 10 more diagrams, plans and I am not sure what.


Before measuring distance and leveling cinder block.


After measuring and leveling each individual block.
But there is no calculation for reality. Liquid nails doesn’t always adhear precisely even when clamped. Screws can crack 2×4’s and sometimes nails work better even if they have a reputation for working their way out.
No matter how many people offer to help they will always be too busy except for the man on the tractor who is now on holiday with his wife.
So if the floor of my yurt is not exactly level I promise I shall not play marbles inside. And if for some unknown reason I do I will not blame it on the level, ruler or other measuring device.

Why don’t you build a bridge?

My 72 yr old nudist neighbor stopped by as i was filling a hole in my driveway.
Him:”Why don’t you use your road?”
Me:”Because it is washed out and impassable.”
Him:” why don’t you build a bridge?”
Me:”Not the top of my to do list.”
Did I suddenly flip on to an alternate planet or hold an engineering degree I didn’t know about? Seriously, why don’t I build a bridge.

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