You just need balls


I saw the quote on the back of a man’s shirt and thought I would feminized it.
Since I can’t get anyone to come and do repair work out here or when they do I must redo it I’ve signed up for residential construction classes at the college. I believe I deserve a big hot pink ball.


Livin’ my Life


I had never seen this. It sure rings true.

Time is Limitted

As I was searching for images of still life paintings trying to be inspired on how to set up one that makes sense, is fun to paint and will be interesting to the viewer. Realistic painting is not so popular today so the setting is important. Some how as sorting through the images a Quote from Steve Jobs appeared.

“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.” A powerful statement and it has been easy for me to fall into discounting my own inner voice after all they are so much …..blah blah blah…  You can fill in the blah with your own belief system.

At times my courage has risen up but it is not until more recently that I do follow my heart with courage. And it is so interesting that at those times it is when intuition guides me continually in the right direction which is most often against the tide of what others feel is best.

I am uncertain as to why this quote popped up as I searched for advice on layout and lighting for a still life but following my intuition and heart I know it will be in the right direction.

I would love to hear how you feel about the quote and does it strike a cord within you as well?

There is no I