Cowgirl Up

Sometimes despite how you hurt you just need to pull up your chaps, strap on your gun, and get back in the saddle.
You never know when that horse can turn into a unicorn.


Aluminum Can Metamorphosis

Aluminum Can Metamorphosis

The best part of turning a 1950’s single wide into an earthship is I do not have to follow the rules. Although my daughter is a math genius, numbers leave me in the dust. Even checking the back of the press on tile box for accurate measurement I end up with too many or too few. Then I spend an hour plus laying them out end to end being sure all the paper arrows point in the right direction. Something I have never done before. Oh, they fit just fine but oh so boring! So I curved my squares which was better. Next a bit of chaos pattern and they came alive. Now life is getting exciting.

I tried so hard to conform and please, for a moment I forgot that I am an artist. It is time to disregard the rules and let my creativity flow. The space is radiating positive energy and fun. Seriously radiating. For the past few days I have been depressed and discouraged but now the vim and vigor ( as my high school Latin teacher shouted) is back.