Question: Dreams vs. Reality

Why is it reality is concrete? People say, “The concretness of reality struck me.”
To use that term for dreams is hidious. One would never say the concreteness of the dreamtime unless it was to awaken you to reality.  
Dreams are more cloudlike even if they are nightmares. But are dreams any less a reality than that which we call reality? I already dream in color, at times even taste items, touch, and of course sound so what is left?
I am not sure what I am asking for but tonight I shall endeavor to have concrete dreams.



There is a grave difference between conversation and talking at me. My ears now hurt, my head aches and even the birds chatter is anoying.

Balance of Power & Wisdom

In the searched for wisdom we must check on self. To see our honest and true self. The only way to illuminate the true self is by dealing with our own stuff.

By shedding the ego we can hear the still voice. ┬áCourage to face the fear and when the fear covers nothing that we have there is no longer any reason to fear. The path become clear due to fear sweeping it clean. So fear can actually work in one’s favor.