I never played juanga

I never played blockhead or balancing games. Not a game lover but I think I would win.



Unbounded Joy

How do you wake up Every morning?

I wake up in a state of boundless joy. Contentment and wonder. Look what blossomed over night!
A quick run around the yard a short wrestle with Hunybunch the neighbors dog and back inside for cowboy coffee and oatmeal with peanut butter.
Life is amazing.

The wonder of Freedom

As you have read it has been a week since I quit my job and I feel terrific! It is amazing how stuck and miserable one can become doing something that is of no joy. What is even more astounding is that while stuck inside the quagmire I did not even know how debilitating it had become. Since leaving the job I have heard amazing comments that cause me to run to the mirror and check to see if what people are saying is true. Comments like you look 20 yrs. younger, your face is beaming, your energy is so much lighter and on and on.  People who I only knew slightly from groups outside of work are asking me not to leave to stay and even suggest places to live and work. I strongly believe everyone should have a taste of freedom. To be encased in manipulation, fear and discouragement is not living.

I once had a friend in Alaska who was a mechanic. One day I asked if he was going to be at work.  He looked at me in shock. “Work? I don’t work. I play and the moment it becomes work I will stop!” That was the most amazing conversation I ever had.  It stuck with me now for over 10 years and finally became not just an aha moment but a life enhancing moment.

Here’s to spending one’s life at play and making money for it. (I sound like a football player.)

The More The Merrier

Today in my Eastern thought & Wellness class we were discussing the word integrity.  What it means and if the students thought they lived a life of integrity. Next I asked them to write a brief statement of who they are and gave them 5 minutes to do it.  One said it was the toughest question anyone ever asked him.

On my way home I wondered if I could answer those questions or write a statement of who I am, not a description like mother, female, teacher, artist, dancer and so forth but who I am. I shall think about that tonight.  After they wrote the description of who they were I asked again if they lived a life of integrity.  Did what they wrote match? We discussed intention and what was their intention for the week.

After all the deep discussion we played HA HA.  Perhaps you remember it from childhood. You make a line or circle each person’s head on the belly of the person behind them.  The first person says Ha Ha the next adds another and the idea is everyone adds a ha to the last number so they increase as you go down the line.  Usually by the third person everyone is in giggles.  It is fun to try to see if you can make it to the end.  The more the merrier as they say.

Ha Ha

Old Dry Leaf People

Speaking with a friend this morning I said, “they were like old dry leaf people.” He said he had never heard that saying before to which I replied that is because I just made it up. If you have ever been in New England in the fall and you see all the magnificent fire infused colored leaves full of life and excitement. Until the frost comes.  The leaves turn brown and slowly make their descent through branches of the tree sometimes rustling or crunching but mostly just falling into a dry pile on the earth.

To me some people are like that and age has nothing to do with it.  They carry time within each cell as a heavy weight waiting only for the time when it is okay’d by everyone else to release their hold on a branch and gently float to earth. The fiery red, yellow, orange or deep green leaves fly and dance playing with the winds not caring if it is sunny or rains.  They are the proud, the bold, the daring to be free. While some need the group approval to be told it is ok and even then their decent is grumpy and begrudged. As I thought about the people whom I call old dry leaf people I had to laugh for as much as they may fight against it someone will still rake them into a glorious pile for us to jump on and run through laughing and joyful.

So here is to all the old dry leaf people who like it or not continue to bring us joy!