You just need balls


I saw the quote on the back of a man’s shirt and thought I would feminized it.
Since I can’t get anyone to come and do repair work out here or when they do I must redo it I’ve signed up for residential construction classes at the college. I believe I deserve a big hot pink ball.


Question: Dreams vs. Reality

Why is it reality is concrete? People say, “The concretness of reality struck me.”
To use that term for dreams is hidious. One would never say the concreteness of the dreamtime unless it was to awaken you to reality.  
Dreams are more cloudlike even if they are nightmares. But are dreams any less a reality than that which we call reality? I already dream in color, at times even taste items, touch, and of course sound so what is left?
I am not sure what I am asking for but tonight I shall endeavor to have concrete dreams.

Cowgirl Up

Sometimes despite how you hurt you just need to pull up your chaps, strap on your gun, and get back in the saddle.
You never know when that horse can turn into a unicorn.

Gray vs Grey

Looking at the steadily winter sky growing with the threat of freezing temperature and rain I realize it is a forboding grey sky.
Totally unlike the warm almost snuggly soft gray.



The sky knows nothing of elections


Or of war


It knows only beauty

A Dogs Life


What if everything someone saw you they gave you a treat?

Some Days


Some mornings you just don’t feel like putting your gun on. Cold wet dark days.

Then you make friends in the most unexpected places…..



Yes, a kind word and a cup of tea. And I came home with a beautiful pink teapot and a glass elephant with a broken trunk.
Of course my clean laundry.
I’m not sure how life works but it just seems to fall into place exactly as it should.
Probably should say something deep and philisophical but I’m afraid to ruin the flow.

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