Cowgirl Up

Sometimes despite how you hurt you just need to pull up your chaps, strap on your gun, and get back in the saddle.
You never know when that horse can turn into a unicorn.

Gray vs Grey

Looking at the steadily winter sky growing with the threat of freezing temperature and rain I realize it is a forboding grey sky.
Totally unlike the warm almost snuggly soft gray.



The sky knows nothing of elections


Or of war


It knows only beauty

A Dogs Life


What if everything someone saw you they gave you a treat?

Some Days


Some mornings you just don’t feel like putting your gun on. Cold wet dark days.

Then you make friends in the most unexpected places…..



Yes, a kind word and a cup of tea. And I came home with a beautiful pink teapot and a glass elephant with a broken trunk.
Of course my clean laundry.
I’m not sure how life works but it just seems to fall into place exactly as it should.
Probably should say something deep and philisophical but I’m afraid to ruin the flow.

Looking in my window


I wonder if the moon looks in my window while I sleep.
I watch as he lowers and raises in the sky.
Dancing to a pull only he can hear.
Should I venture out and dance to the silent music or stay safely sitting upon my bed?
What grace he possess calm power able to comand violence …..or love
Moving through the sky manipulating lives awake or asleep pulled into his wake
I wonder,  do I shine and reflect like a star in his eyes or a gentle radiance or a dull stutter in time?


I was watching Hulu when some interesting realities came to mind.
The show I was watching is from the UK, the Comercial is in Spanish but it was the third ad that shook me. A new “phone” that are virtual reality glasses.
I fear for those brought up in virtual reality and super tecnology.
Reality even at times painful is what life is. Life is for living, feeling, seeing, smelling experiencing.
The thrill of standing still with a cotton tail or cardinal slight foot away. The adrenaline of a 6 foot rattlesnake slithering by or the smell of crapes being cooked on the street.
Speaking face to face. Touching a live person. Hearing an elder tell a story. Moving through time.
Reality is life. Virtual reality is a virtual escape from life. Life is not a game and yet I know a 30 yr old man working in sillacon valley who has an alarm set so no mater what he is doing even visiting at thanksgiving dinner he stops and reads for 30 minutes. He is working on expanding his mind.  It is a sad time.

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