Write a Novel in Nov

Last night I went to the kick off in Tucson.  It was held at an I-Hop which somehow seems appropriate. Some folks new like me others already published a number of times. I listened to all everyone had to say.  They argued the merits of outlines or not. I was surprised at how many were mystery writers, a number of romance writers, the vampire theme was popular and a few science fiction authors but only one gay erotica and she published 3 novels and almost completed her fourth.  I was quite impressed. We played some ice breakers then I had to leave choosing not to eat I-Hop food.

So when I came home from work today I must have been duly intimidated by the outline advice and have now created a very brief one. I plan to put a little more thought into it tonight but some of the details they talked about just won’t be happening in mine. Well, here is to midnight and the start of November!