Drinking again

Yep, I’m drinking again.  Trying to get 3 quarts of water a day for this detox.  I have lemon and lime to add to the distilled water. Yes, I know that is cheating but gee how much water can a person drink.  That doesn’t include the ginger tea and young coconut milk.  I was going to do the screw driver and hammer trick for the coconuts but while I was in the Chinese market they sold a coconut opener.  Perfect push turn and remove.  It actually works. Can’t spend too much time talking I have a glass of water and cup of ginger tea calling to me. So have a drink on me! Bottoms up!


The bad news is…..

Okay so I didn’t bundle up in a snowsuit and hiking books but I did go out and eat a huge salad and bread before getting weighed. So since leaving Tucson in early Dec. I gained almost 5 pounds. Not as bad as it could be but over the watermark of 3 pounds. Tomorrow the detox begins.  The refrigerator is packed with spinach and lemons.  I do have some protein shakes and so the fun will begin with the typical breakfast of oatmeal with cayenne and turmeric. I’ll let you know how it goes maybe even post a photo or two of my progress and success. If I could only find my juicer and unpack that I would be perfect.

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea

2 Tablespoon ginger

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 pinch cayenne

1 pinch black pepper

3 cups cold water

Mix ingredients and heat in the hot water.  Sweeten with agave or honey is needed. Turmeric tea is excellent for joints and stuffy head. It will warm your insides and blood, great spicy taste.  I hope you try it.

Beauty Meditation

The morning is a great time for meditation, contemplation and healing.  This morning before getting out of bed I did one of my favorite “beauty” meditations for healthy physical body.  I can still feel my skin tingling. I will record and post a short one for you.  I am still getting used to the blog and how it works.

January is the month of Tiger as a Totem animal.  I have chosen the Tiger because of its courage and ability to sink “his/her” teeth into something and hold on.  So what have you been putting off or nervous about starting new?  Use the Tiger to bring you courage and sink your teeth into the new adventure.

Remember the definition of courage is to do something even if you are afraid.  Have a beautiful journey today!  Yotaki