The Rez, Coyote, Illegal

The reservation crosses the border often illegals believe it an easier way to the states.
On his way back from performing a ceremony a medicine man drove around the bend only to be confronted with a man laying across the top of a chain link fence pretending to nap. As he looked at this strange sight the man opened an eye meeting the medicine man’s eye. He looked across the road where a coyote sat watching the events.
Coyote asked what the man was doing. Both shrugged and shared a laugh as the man continued to “nap” atop the frence.


Conversation with a Medicine Man

I was speaking to my Uncle, an Apache medicine man the other day and he said something very prolific to me.

“Just knowing there is a can of spam in my cupboard, that it is safe.”  That one little thing, what ever it is is all it takes to make us feel safe through the hard times. What little item do you have that makes it all safe?

Medicine Man

I spoke with a close friend who also happens to be a medicine man in Arizona. He called me up during the eclipse time period. Since he is only a state away we were experiencing close to the events at the same time. Neither of us could see nor did the sky get dark but we both felt the eerie stillness and quite. he started asking me some scientific information then we got onto the more esoteric talk. I said that the new age community was saying the solar eclipse was masculine and the lunar to come in a month is feminine.  That this one will more strongly effect the men. He asked me who and why they said it. I think they say it because everyone next to them said it or read it.  He asked why one was male and one female so I had to think.

All I could come up with was ties to Greek and Roman myths and legends or Asian myths which also have to do with our basic classification beliefs about gender. The sun being strong and powerful, can make plants grow, gives us light and warmth and the moon being dark and mysterious, in a continual mode of birth from full to empty.

The next solar eclipse is not for 100 years in some locations and 200 in others. Does that also say something about men? How and when did planets get sexual? Why do we give attributes to them? How do the myths still factor into our societal practices?

That simple conversation gave me a great deal to think about.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Painting my life

Intention in progress


I was speaking with a Medicine Man I know who is also an artist. He told me to just load up a brush with paint and slap it on, or brush it or whatever just get it up there. So that is what I did I slapped paint on 4 canvases today. This is the start of a mixed media canvas that I will use in my story.

It sure felt good to break through the wall of fear surrounding my creativity and just get something started again.

So load up your paint brush or palette knife and start painting your life.

Just do the hokey pokey

I was talking to my Uncle the other day and by way of clarification he is on the roles as an Medicine man for the Apache nation.  I was declaring my frustration with ideas running wild in my head. I told him I finally figured out it was all just too much thinking. He replied with typical words of wisdom:

“Yep, just do the hokey pokey and spin yourself around.”

Makes perfect sense to me.  So after we laughed awhile longer and hung up the phone.  that is just what I did and boy the world is in better perspective.