Cold fruit soup


Are you ready!?! It is delicious, seriously.
3 granny smith apples cook in a little water with 2 shakes cinnamon and one shake clove. I had a cucumber which I don’t like but figured it would be good in soup and it is. Take off green skin and cook with apple.
When soft blend.
Add 2 cups frozen or fresh blueberries and blend. Put in refrigerator to get cold. Before serving swirl  a teaspoon of Greek or any kind you like yogurt.  Enjoy cold.


Lunch Counter


Not sure who is stealing my pomegranates and set up their own lunch counter but my money is on the fat squirrel.

Healthy Tummy Hugging Lunch

Healthy lunch after a day of making art,  Check out to see how my painting is progressing. Time to make lunch so I open the young coconut for milk.  Don’t all great cooks drink while they create? Over the week end I went shopping in Chinatown so all the ingredients were ready and waiting. I always cook in a cast iron skillet shook a little hot chili oil and sesame oil into the pan, fresh garlic one clove, a bit of onion, saute them then slice thin Chinese eggplant mix it in.  Here I add a bit of hot pepper and black pepper. I prefer firm Tofu so slice some in now. Next a handful of beansprouts. Oh, in the over I had red yam baking with some Korean chestnuts. When everything looks about done add a big handful of fresh spinach (it shrinks) stir it up.  while this is cooking slice a bit of red yam and two shelled Korean roasted chestnuts. Stir about to warm it all up and YUM! Healthy and delicious. Let me know if you try it.