I woke up this morning and found a quarter under my pillow. First thought was, toothfairy? But I have all my teeth. Not sure where it came from but perhaps the next time it could be a $20!



Luckiest Girl

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl in the world. I live on a beautiful healthy piece of the earth. At night I can reach up and touch every star in the universe. A 6 minute drive takes me to the border of Mexico.
How many people live on the border of another country? When I lived in France I could drive to Germany for lunch. Here I can walk into Mexico for lunch, a dance class, a dentist or Dr. Or what ever I want.
Can you ? It is magnificent. One minute in the USA a 30 second walk across the street and I am in another country. What an amazing life I have. I can only hope politics, people’s fears and confusion never takes that privilege from me. It is an honor I hold dear. Anyone want to meet for lunch?

Soaking Boards

Soaking boards sounds easy. But nothing is easy in this builder’s world. I thought I could fill the wheel barrow with water.


Wheelbarrow leaks.
So I slowly turned on the hose and let it run over the boards.


Only problem was the earth is almost totally clay and with all the underground gopher tunnels I sank down in mud over my ankle. Glad it was only one foot and I was wearing my work boots.
Not having any two leggeds to help I requested assistance from the stone people.


With the help of the stone people and water I was able to bend and place the boards. These will become the rim.
To prevent water dropping into the seams I covered them with tape. As you can see the. Black gorilla glue tape held and the duck tape was a total waste of time, energy, and money.¬† Don’t buy it.
Of course the winds are 40 mph with gusts higher so I am greatful the rim boards have remained in place and are drying to a curve. Tomorrow morning the winds should be calmer so I will glue them down then.


Meanwhile I have been painting a dragon behind the tree of life for the floor of the yurt (ger ) and a windhorse. Last night I started the paper bag floor which will be transfered to the yurt as well.


Windhorse  is incomplete.

Pennies from heaven or the Brownies?

It rained during the night and the ground was a bit squishy but my faithful friend, Huney Bunch, ( my neighbor’s chow) and I took a stroll which quickly turned into a game of tag around the yard. Stopping by the studio I looked down and found a gift. I had already collected a handful of coins when I thought to photograph the remaining ones to share with you.

I just wonder if they were a gift from the little people, most likely the Brownies, as I heard Huney Bunch barking last night, or came down with the rain clouds.

photo 2-7

Happy Hippo

When some folks look down they find a coin or a $20 bill. I live on the side of a desert mountain and walked down to the road to meet a friend. There I looked around for snakes or unfriendlies and thought how cool would it be to find a dime or piece of old jewelry or? So I walk about scanning the dirt when low and behold I FIND A HIPPOPOTOMOUS!


Worst Drive Best visit or Broken Mirror

Leaving for Las Vegas

Sunrise beautiful day for a trip
Return from storage

Return trip took an extra 21/2 hours due to all the accidents and semi-trucks lying on their sides. After the third one I didn’t know if I should start to worry or be grateful someone was looking out for me. Then I remembered the broken mirror.
As I was digging through storage I saw the mirror and just felt “Oh no, this is going to break.” so it got moved to a safe place outside. After I finished I put the mirror back having decided I didn’t believe in bad luck. As soon as it was safely placed on the side I heard a crack. Broke right down the middle. I knew it. The heck with it. I moved more stuff around to the tune of mirror shattering. Closed and locked the storage.
That night I spent with a great friend. One who read on my blog I wished I had oatmeal cookies. She baked amazing cookies. Now that is a good friend.
Of course as I drove the broken mirror crossed my mind. The first accident caused a major delay and took over an hour to exit the freeway. The second one had us down to two lanes. The third was a pile up of cars but by then I was in another state so felt progress. The fourth was a single trailer truck lying on its side. Shortly after i sat in rush hour traffic for another hour.
It all gave me lots to think about. The broken mirror. But every event happened before I reached that point. So it sounds more like I was lucky not unlucky.