Shadow World

Dancing in the shadow world
She sees secrets
Forever unspoken
Hearing whispers of dreams not yet formed
Red foam rises up from the ocean floor
As green tears slide into the sea
Labyrinth twists and turns until all paths are straight
Confusing transient reality
Each the other.


As She Passes

The Shaman walks between the shadow trees

none hear her steps on twigs or leaves

They do not notice

nor feel her approach

The animals stand still hidden behind leaves

barely able to breathe

only a slight movement of their eyes

for they know.

The Dragon Approaches

Come walk through my door. Sit on my floor.  Share a cup of tea.  For time here has paused.  There is only you and me.

Outside the storm clouds gather.  They grow fat and thick.  White upon gray.  Blue sky fades.

Come walk through my door and sit a moment.


(Another 50 word story.)


And yet I am not invisible

The darkness climbs in through my window.

Whispering voices of ghosts from the past grow louder.

I check.

I have no pulse.

Lost with rattlesnakes, scorpions & mosquitoes

I was headed some place tonight and took a wrong turn which lead me high into the mountains until I decided to let my feminine side take over and admit I was lost and needed to turn around and head back whence I came.  ( I always wanted to use that word whence.) After a switchback or three I found the correct road. Well, it was the correct road at least for a half mile.  Then I found that I was lost or not so much lost as the road simply stopped being what is was called and changed it’s name.  Roads can be so rude sometimes. So another u-turn on a different dark mountain road and back I went only to find the road I had been looking for not only goes right to left but also front to back. I am not sure how that can be or if it is even legal but this road does do that.

I practiced making u-turns for about 30 more minutes until I pulled into a parking lot where I saw a few cars.  It was not what I was looking for but sounded interesting so I stayed for a 90 minute lecture. After which we were all invited to go to the library for a small snack and to visit. The door was opened and a young rattlesnake was curled up directly in the path.

Instead of just walking by the people gathered to stare at the snake. Not knowing if it was a rattler or a sidewinder I thought it best to just walk past and into the building we had been directed to especially when one man felt it would be a great idea to place a table on it’s side in front of the rattle like a barrier. If the snake had been asleep it was awake, agitated, and moving now.  There was nothing to keep him from going around or over the table so I just asked which room were we to enter and headed over.

It is this same desert where a few weeks back while walking at work, in a pair of sandals, a scorpion ran under my foot almost causing me to step on it.  At my studio the mosquitoes must have sent out invitations to their friends and family because my feet, ankles, hands and arms look like something out of a science fiction movie and I swear I hear them buzzing about fresh blood.

Not like me to complain there was just something very jarring about seeing the rattlesnake.  I felt as if he was there for me.  Perhaps tonight I will dream the message.  I plan to spend the rest of the night safely on my cot but wait… what is that ticking noise I hear coming from the skylight in the sleeping loft?