Bunny Hop


It is that time of year the Bunny Hop begins.




Morning Beauty




Out my window the dawn calls to me with color.

Coming Home

View from my driveway




After 2 weeks of no electricity, more off than on.  Over the weekend there were actually flashes, today I was finally able to get someone to come by and fix the situation. I have light and can do two electrical things at one time.  I am so excited I chose to stay home and walk from space to space turning on and off a light.

I can’t wait until morning when I will be able to make coffee without blowing the current. If you have ever lived without electric, through dark and stormy days, wind and rain you will appreciate how I feel right now. Thankfully the wind has stopped and so has the rain so I can type or even watch hulu if I want to.

I did put a call into solar company who told me that is would be $25,000. minimum, grants are only for businesses,and that it would take 10 TEN years to recoup. I am sure there has to be alternative ways. Guess it is time to research Mother Earth Magazine.


I thought I would share a series of photographs of a painting I have been working on from the start until today.







A Rainbow lives in my House

A rainbow lives in my house.  Every morning when I open my door he shows his self and joins me for breakfast. Fairies and rainbows what a joyful home.

Sunshine Qigong Friendship

A few years ago I was teaching a mind body class at the local gym.  Mind body was a combination of qigong and yoga geared to the gym clientele. The class was an hour long.  I would turn the lights off to begin with a short centering meditation usually there was enough light entering from the main gym no light needed to be turned back on.  This day about 10 minutes into the class a tiny ball of sunshine entered the room putting down her mat she quietly joined the class.  There was something magical about this 5′ reddish blond haired woman that just lit up the room. She participated in the class the same as everyone else but my eye kept being pulled towards her.

I always finish the class with everyone standing with a huge smile arms and legs wide apart as we create happy chi and pull it into our center.  This bubbly woman came up to thank me for the class and say she would be back next week.  sure enough 10 minutes into the class a ball of sunshine enters the room and somehow just her presence made everything right in the world.

It is not often we cross paths or meet  someone who can affect our life.  Today I found myself thinking about her and how without saying anything she could light up a room. I called to let her know how much her presence meant and what an enormous effect she had on me and the class.  Class never seemed as much fun when she could not make it. Although she never said a word during the class her energy was as strong as the sun.

I have learned much from her. I would love to be remembered for my ability to light up a room.  There are so many people who can take the energy down to a low, disturbing, or negative level and so few who can lift it.  Here’s to all the balls of sunshine out there may your light grow stronger and brighter each moment. You are remembered fondly.