Ouch, bumps in the night

It was a hard night twice over.

The kitchen counter which the landlord built just above shoulder height is useless for anything but banging your head against.  This I did twice since my cat likes to drag the water bowls around the kitchen and under the counter is his favorite place to tip them over. Then in the middle of the night he demanded a full refill of his food and if you ever heard an alley cat and Siamese cry you can understand how loud and persistent his voice is.  So at 1 am I am climbing down the ladder from the loft half asleep and step off into air, not a bad experience until I land on my not so well padded butt. My left side now has a huge golf ball( grown up) size rock of a lump just over the bone you sit on. Ouch!

Well, they say with the dawn comes a new day so here’s to new days.

Humm, maybe I should put a pillow on the concrete floor around the bottom of the ladder?