After careful study


After a month of careful intense study I have come to the conclusion that cottontail and jackrabbit do not understand English. Keep out of the mint, don’t eat the prickly pears and stay away from the roses fall on deaf ears.


Home Again

After 3 amazing months in Ireland I am home and I had two wonderful surprises waiting for me. First a card from someone I met on the train as I went cross country. Unfortunately she left the train in an ambulance and her last words were I have a DNR in my purse give it to them. I had text her repeatedly with no response and finally gave up feeling sad and discouraged. But all is well and I am so happy to hear from her. Sometimes you just have to believe.

The second was a wonderful surprise from a brilliant, creative and sensitive blogger.JanniStyles1. Her post always touch my heart and her words have carried me through hard times even though she did not know she was writing what I needed to hear. She is open honest and full of warmth and integrity. A woman whom I have never met but feel a deep soul connection to. I invite all readers to check out her words, her poetry and just experience JanniStyles1.

Jannie your gift is spectacular the angle is you as you have been to me so many times and the blanket/shawl soft and nurturing. The true Native Tradition. The gift brought me to tears as it touched my heart and comforts me even now.

So all, sometimes just believing in magic, miracles and wonder and despite any challenges love and joy find away through. Thank you all for sticking with me and never stop believing that’s where the magic is. Yotaki Beautywalk

Glamour in Ireland


One can’t beat fuzzy socks and sparkling leg warmers for fun and glamour in Ireland.
1. I was freezing
2. I love fruits Japanese fruits style and this was a great excuse to semi-style.
Besides it makes me happy and that’s what counts.

Hide n seek


Can you see me?


See the moon peaking out above the cloud?

Morning Glory


Good morning beautiful blue morning glory. What a peaceful joy.

I don’t know about you but….

I love living in my world.


Went to the dollar store and saw this. Just had to buy it.

Found some turquoise in my yard.  


Adorable 3

My new water


My new water holding tank.

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