Chaps now daily fashion


A day in the life of chaps. My new chaps protection against cactus and snake and scorpions. I bought motorcycle chaps because they zip and snap from ankle to butt.
After a hard days work.


And new morning. I feel like a kid getting into snowpants. I figure soon I’ll knowhow to pull them on standing up but this is day 3.


Off to yard work.


Clouds Whisper


Clouds whisper secrets to the old one.
Stories that hold  remorse and longing for the past. Yet within the heart of the mountain lies a joyful promise, a life yet to be born.

Mornings Warning


Dawn awoke degrees colder thick storm clouds moving in.
Cooler may have sounded better than cold but it really is colder not just cool.
Any yet my neighbor a young cotton tail hopped across the path hunting for breakfast. He survived the hunter cat’s visit at evening fall. I am glad to see that.
I look out for my neighbors but restrain from altering their destiny, life cycle and am truly glad to recognize their footprints. I love when they appear.
This spring I am biased towards the Cardinals and hummingbirds. Last year I had a fondness for cotton tails and jackrabbit yearning to transform into jack-a-lopes.
Soon the blue butterflies return.
For today I watch the storm clouds roll in, moving with a smooth consistency towards the west. The day deepens in blue and grey a cool blanket rests upon my shoulders.
Today threatens to hold a challenge behind that hides a promise of wonderment.

Outlaws & neighbors

My neighbor is on vacation so I am watching her place,watering, and feeding her dogs. It was time to hit the trail to her place.
The other day I was bit by the deadly kissing bug ( yes it’s real look it up.) So my face has a rash and swollen. In preparation for the walk I covered my face with a kerchief and strapped on my 6-shooter, OK, artistic license, it really is a 357. But 6 shooter sounds so much better.
Between our property is a barb wire fence. That’s where I lose all my outlaw dignity. I get on my belly and skoot  under it military style but still.


Guess I don’t look too tuff with a pink and orange kerchief anyway.
When I returned all my plants must have smelt water on me and put on an up roar. So I had to water them.
I really need to find a way through the barb wire and keep my dignity. Belly crawl isn’t outlaw style.
I need to cowboy up and mist my way right through it. Those guys were tuff. How do you get through barb wire without belly crawling?
Oh for you nonbelievers here is a photo of a kissing bug.



Inside a Cloud


I awoke this morning within a cloud not knowing what lay arms distance away.
All was silent. No coyote nor human sounds.
Inside a cloud all is possible.
I wonder

Just another typical monsoon day

Life is typical in an atypical way out here. The neighbor up and across calls me asking how my project is going. Since I have a number of projects and no idea what he is talking about I answer with a safety of, “fine”. Continuing his ramble he says I had no idea a nail gun sound like that. At this point I interrupt to ask what he is talking about. He said he heard what he thought was a gun but the other neighbor told him was the sound of a nail gun. People have been shooting rattlesnakes washed down by the monsoons but I still wasn’t sure he was talking about that. His next statement has me totally confused so I asked him what he was talking about. To which he said the neighbor told him I have a licensed contractor staying with me to complete a project. I tell him no, I am doing all my own construction. Not sure it registered as he continues to ask if I have heard or seen anything unusual, He seems to have nothing thumping onto his porch and strange symbols drawn through the dust on his car bumper. Ending the conversation with I wish I had a few of the alien’s pets to guard my house. Hanging up I am not sure if the thought of aliens or rumors is more disturbing.

Later at the laundry I am asked if I can speak Spanish, (no), which is not believed and asked to give directions to a Chinese couple and their baby who only speak Spanish.  That was disconcerting. Some how my clothes came out of the laundry dirtier than when I put them in the machine. I really need to buy a washer.

After lunch I start to head to the post office only to be stopped by a county tax assessor who needs to see the property. As I take him around I ask what would happen if I wasn’t here? He calmly says I would do it without you. Glancing at my no trespassing sign, I wonder what private property means. I have no issue with him doing his job but I do not care for people just walking about the property without permission.

Running into the grocery store the clerk tells me I look beautiful in pink. (smile). Nice to hear and the first sane interaction I have had all day.

I figure the best way to close it out is with a bit of LED hula hooping. I can hoop for a full 10 minutes without needing to break or move from the waist to the arms. Being a little tired I sit and blog. I think I will watch something on the computer since it rained all night and off and on today I hear scratching and running about the walls and floor. I do not have anything against mice and rats staying dry just not in my house, thank you. The noise will block them out.

Crickets are singing, the sky is dark and the lights of Mexico twinkle across the way. Just another typical day.




Sun sets on another day.  Worked hard on my sculpture, moved over to the yurt fixing some foundation issues caused by monsoons, smashed my finger on a 3 ton jack, back to wood carving, dinner and a short rest outside. Two rabbits racing about the yard. Time to work out with the hula hoop.

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