When I grow up

When I was little I wanted to be a NYC cop. They rode beautiful horses outside the theater, Broadway, 42ST. Manhatten must look magnificent on horseback. Later I thought being a garbage man would be fantastic. Just look at all the amazing stuff people throw away and I could have.
Every Sunday the family drove to Staten Island to visit my grandparents and I would watch the grills and headlights of the cars and think perhaps a car psychologist.
When I graduated art school my father suggested I go into business making antiques.
Instead I have been an ethnic dancer performer since jr. High even had my own troupe and lectured at Yale and Dartmouth in ethnomusicology.
I always made art and still do.
I even did a stint working as a psychologist in the prison. Not my favorite job. I have told fortunes, taught college, and worked for military overseas.
Now I make artistic construction, create sacred places for living. This land is magical.
I learned to ride a horse in central park, a camel at The Bronx zoo, drive a tractor in Israel and donkey in Morocco.
I think I walked across Europe with my daughter on my back at least twice.
There are places I’ve never been and still want to see.
I wonder what I will be next. I so love being me.