The Rez, Coyote, Illegal

The reservation crosses the border often illegals believe it an easier way to the states.
On his way back from performing a ceremony a medicine man drove around the bend only to be confronted with a man laying across the top of a chain link fence pretending to nap. As he looked at this strange sight the man opened an eye meeting the medicine man’s eye. He looked across the road where a coyote sat watching the events.
Coyote asked what the man was doing. Both shrugged and shared a laugh as the man continued to “nap” atop the frence.



Heyokah is a contrary, one who goes against the rules or way of society. Heyokah teaches through opposites and often laughter. Trickster, coyote, crow or sacred clown are often Heyokah teachers. To take on the burden of Heyoka is a major commitment and heavy burden. This sacred trickster makes one figure things out for themselves. They will kick away your crutch so you fall and must pull yourself up onto your own legs or beliefs. During feast days or ceremony they often play tricks and make others laugh at themselves.  At times the tricks will backfire and the trickster must look at their self. The laughter that surrounds the lessons is for the whole community. and helps to destroy what is not good and restore balance or beauty.

It is not about losing face but being a good good sport and being able to laugh at ones self. The prank is to teach a lesson. Now one must reflect on how they would react if the joke was on them.  Some will think and discuss it later for spiritual growth. It is all about balance to prepare for adventure to celebrate more than mourn and rejoice in the divine sacredness of being human.