It’s 70 and I am selling scarfs

I do not know what you do when it is in the 70’s on Saturday but I accept a job selling scarfs at the farmer’s market.

It was a wonderful day and from 9AM to 12 noon I sold a dozen scarfs. The regulars said it was a fair to poor day but me? I had a fabulous day. I draped a scarf on my hips, one tied Gypsy style on my head, and a buttery soft one draped over my arm.

Can’t wait for next week.

Can you believe I actually got paid for this?


Aluminum Can Metamorphosis

Aluminum Can Metamorphosis

The best part of turning a 1950’s single wide into an earthship is I do not have to follow the rules. Although my daughter is a math genius, numbers leave me in the dust. Even checking the back of the press on tile box for accurate measurement I end up with too many or too few. Then I spend an hour plus laying them out end to end being sure all the paper arrows point in the right direction. Something I have never done before. Oh, they fit just fine but oh so boring! So I curved my squares which was better. Next a bit of chaos pattern and they came alive. Now life is getting exciting.

I tried so hard to conform and please, for a moment I forgot that I am an artist. It is time to disregard the rules and let my creativity flow. The space is radiating positive energy and fun. Seriously radiating. For the past few days I have been depressed and discouraged but now the vim and vigor ( as my high school Latin teacher shouted) is back.

Yotaki: Urban Shaman

Have I posted my links to artwork? Of course I have but here they are again. will take you to my etsy shop and anyone in the Las Vegas, Arizona, Cali area are welcome to buy a ticket and enjoy my art in person at Palazzo Act Night Club on Aug. 22 from 7-11.  You can show your support by simply purchasing a ticket from my page.  Hope to see some of you there.

Why do I call this period urban shaman? All my art tells a story each piece individually and the process of making art. If you go to the link for you can view some of the work individually. Art is about secrets, joy, pain, dreams and the magic we create. Come be enchanted.

Leaving Las Vegas

So much has happened since I last visited these pages. I have finally broken ties with Las Vegas and moved to the Lakota Reservation in South Dakota to teach art at a university art institute.  It happened fast. In a matter of 3 days.  Good thing I still had the camper shell on my truck. I have been here 2 weeks and could not be happier.  Well, maybe a bit happier if vegetables and fruit were not so unbelievably high priced.  It is almost as expensive here as Alaska.

I can walk to work which is a good idea because the gas here is at least 20% corn and that does not make my truck happy.  For week one I shared a house with a woman who was supposed to have moved but had not and to say she and her 3 cats are filthy is an understatement.  You know how I love cats and miss my Warrior but please! Empty a cat box, lady!  I was cleaning up cat fur balls the size of baseballs, the tub and sink clogged with fur and let’s not even get into the dirt and black scary stuff filth.  It is amazing what a bottle of Pine Sol and other cleaning products can do.  The house is grand.

So week one I am scrubbing the art studios and other thing that had not been done for at least 3 years and a house that could pass for haunted or hoarders.  I got that behind me.  Spent the first Friday night in town at the fair and powwow.  It was terrific. So the first week of teaching and all is amazing.  I have never had a class of such great artists.  Then Memorial Day weekend and I plan to visit Nebraska or the Badlands. That is when my contact lens chooses to explode or be visited by some unknown earthquake phenomenon.  It is one of the really old school hard lenses the “plastic” kind.  So I desperately call the whole state of South Dakota and Nebraska no one is working nor do they stock lenses.  3 days later and legally blind I drive Forty miles to a wonderful eye doctor who will give me a trial pair if I can produce a prescription.  So I get one from 2010.  The woman was a doll.  Fantastic and totally understanding. That was Wednesday and Friday I drove up to Pierre to get a real eye exam. Lovely round cowboy fella did the impossible.  On the first try he got the prescription correct and sent me home with a free month of contacts and 2 boxes of wetting solution.

Now my only challenge is how to get a birth certificate, divorce papers and passport so I can get a drivers license.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I still have 2 years left on my Nevada license.  Hummm I wonder.

Steppin’ In

I always wished I had one of those old soft shirts.  The kind that is worn and thread bare in spots but knows all the ins and outs of your life and is still here with you. To me that is what ones true self is like.  It just feels so soft and comfortable you have no desire to remove it…ever. It just fits. Approximately a week ago I walked into my true self and it fit.  Encased and then dissolved into one being.  This is the most amazing experience I have had in a very long time.  No matter what is said, a comment directed at me to be mean or said as helpful we remain as one. How lopsided I walked through life before finding this perfect part of me. Now don’t misunderstand I am not perfect but I am me and as an honest and true being I can be no less.  The fit is wonderful, exciting and so comfortable. I invite you all to step into your true self not the mask you wear for work or family, for life but the one you were born into and deserve to be.  It is so lovely.

Breakfast Pancake

I must be on a hunger roll this week because I am cooking.  More one pot cooking ideas.  Here we go back to the trusty coffeemaker, remember the one we cook spinach in. Pour in the water and let it boil through to the bottom.  In a small cup put a small fist full of dry oatmeal oats.  When the water is hot pour enough over the oats to make it moist no water around the edges.  You might as well make a cup of instant coffee or bag tea so as not to waste the left over water while you wait.  By the time the tea has left the bag the oatmeal is ready.  Mix it up. who not the tea and oatmeal sorry.  Mix up the oats that have been softening in the bowl. Take an egg from the carton, crack it and let the whole egg join the oats.  Mix them all together.

Okay, in all honesty we are now going to use a second cooking pot.  Take out the cast iron frying pan. Melt a tiny bit of coconut oil or butter if you use it.  On medium heat it melts and you pour in the mixture.  Now be patient.  If you flip too soon the pancake will tear.  Go ahead and drink some tea and enjoy the aroma.

Flip the pancake so the other side becomes golden brown as well.  This should take 3 swallows of tea. (That’s if you have any left.) Put it on the waiting plate. You do have one ready, right? Inhale.  The best part of food is the aroma so enjoy it.  Now I like a little sea salt and ground black pepper on mine but it is wonderful with maple syrup or jam.  Eat and enjoy! High protein low calorie.

Fabulous Four

Fabulous four days spent with my family. You would think after a 5 hour flight the kids would be exhausted but no. One had to dance and spin while the other played Jack – in – the – box.


Whirling Bree

Ry in the box












After all that fun the best place to nap is on top of Uncle Bobby.

Uncle Bobby

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