You just need balls


I saw the quote on the back of a man’s shirt and thought I would feminized it.
Since I can’t get anyone to come and do repair work out here or when they do I must redo it I’ve signed up for residential construction classes at the college. I believe I deserve a big hot pink ball.


Warrior Women walk gently

This is a picture of me leading a healing session. You can see the red and orange spirit lights and energy in my hair.  
Women are called upon to show great courage & fortitude.  At some point we hear the call to journey into the darkness.
Once we answer the call the journey begins. The journey is not to become male. The journey is to heal the split between the male & female aspect of spirit.
Sometimes we hear people discuss the right and left brain and what is needed to become whole brained.  It is simply to be a complete spirit not just a half or to find the balance.  The key is to:
Heal the deep wound of the feminine .
The way is not easy and does not come with directions, often the way is without validation!  
Let us reach back to the original mother, the earth who gives birth to us all.  She accepts all that we do and continues to nurture. Now that we are entering the fall or autumn season you can see the beauty and changes, her hair turns golden and fiery red. As we enter winter the leaves turn brown and fall or the desert plants go into a deep sleep. But our mother does not die she reaches deep within herself to nurture and grow the new life which will surface again in spring.
My question is how do you walk upon this earth?  Are your footsteps heavy and burdensome? How many times have we taken the beauty and majesty of nature for granted? Will there ever come a time when we have carved too deeply into the flesh of our mother that she can not heal? Mother’s forgive their children many things but does there come a time the wound is too deep or the scar too thick.
How do you honor your mother?  She gave you life.  Now do you honor that gift? What have you done with the gift of life?  Where has your walk taken you and which path do you travel on now?
May I walk gently and leave no scars.
I see the young girls play with each others hair in such a loving nurturing way.  Their faces change, eyes gloss over as if finally getting the loving touch they so crave. There is nothing demanded of the giver or receiver of this act, only for each individually to be in the moment and to feel the enchantment.  ( I am here, Hineini)
Our Lady of Guadalupe is the mother the protector the giver of love. Each of these young women/girls become Guadalupe. You can even feel the golden light radiating around their bodies.  Then just as quickly they change back into the aggressive 18 year old girl trying desperately to find her position her path and at the same time to be loved. The woman/girl who believes it is better to be feared than forgotten.
To all women I ask, “Where have you been wounded? How have you nurtured?”
Let us walk gently together.