I woke up this morning and found a quarter under my pillow. First thought was, toothfairy? But I have all my teeth. Not sure where it came from but perhaps the next time it could be a $20!



Question: Dreams vs. Reality

Why is it reality is concrete? People say, “The concretness of reality struck me.”
To use that term for dreams is hidious. One would never say the concreteness of the dreamtime unless it was to awaken you to reality.  
Dreams are more cloudlike even if they are nightmares. But are dreams any less a reality than that which we call reality? I already dream in color, at times even taste items, touch, and of course sound so what is left?
I am not sure what I am asking for but tonight I shall endeavor to have concrete dreams.

Magic and miracles

Happy new year
May it be filled with magic and miracles and let all your dreams come true.
Thank you for being the best part of my blog in 2016. See ya on the flip side.
Love and hugs, Yotaki

Pink elephant dreams


Pink cloud
Pink elephant
Elephant dreams
Dreams crash
Crash and shatter
Shattered dreams
Dreams and illusions
Illusions and lies
Dreams lie
Elephants forget
Pink clouds

When I grow up

When I was little I wanted to be a NYC cop. They rode beautiful horses outside the theater, Broadway, 42ST. Manhatten must look magnificent on horseback. Later I thought being a garbage man would be fantastic. Just look at all the amazing stuff people throw away and I could have.
Every Sunday the family drove to Staten Island to visit my grandparents and I would watch the grills and headlights of the cars and think perhaps a car psychologist.
When I graduated art school my father suggested I go into business making antiques.
Instead I have been an ethnic dancer performer since jr. High even had my own troupe and lectured at Yale and Dartmouth in ethnomusicology.
I always made art and still do.
I even did a stint working as a psychologist in the prison. Not my favorite job. I have told fortunes, taught college, and worked for military overseas.
Now I make artistic construction, create sacred places for living. This land is magical.
I learned to ride a horse in central park, a camel at The Bronx zoo, drive a tractor in Israel and donkey in Morocco.
I think I walked across Europe with my daughter on my back at least twice.
There are places I’ve never been and still want to see.
I wonder what I will be next. I so love being me.

Eating Crackers at Midnight

Head spinning out of control
Thoughts of then and past times
Words said, not said, the too many times I spoke my mind.
Ahh, first love, Bill King, never kissed never forgotten. Wonder were he is now or if I cross his mind at midnight.
Places I have been, the many countries I’ve lived in, languages spoken and forgotten.
The amazing speed the tiny cotton tail crosses the property in. Will another rattler sneek up on me?
Is it really possible to lose 10 pounds in 3 days?
Anxiously waiting for 8 am when the post office opens and I can retrieve my led mood hula hoop.
If only I had electricity so I can work on my sculpture. Listening to old movies on you tube.
Trying not to scratch the kissing bug bites and wish they never existed.
I wonder if my past houses still stand and what is the meaning of home?
Should I dye my hair purple?
It is midnight, I’m eating crackers wondering if I’ll ever fall asleep.

Vista Del Viejo

View of the old one

The view is down my road looking towards Mexico. They say you can see the old man resting. His head is on the right, hands relaxed over the chest and knees bent upwards. 

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