Sky Dragon


Sky dragon moving through the Mexican mountains.



Wizard World


Once they heard a wizard and dragon lived here there was no stopping.


Houses appeared everywhere.


Soon the mill went up.


I saw work on a church.


I can only wonder what tomorrow may bring.
(All buildings and villagers were found scattered in different locations on the property and united together in one lovely village.)

Mountain Dragon


The mountain dragon slips down from the east as unsyncopated rain taps on the window.
Perhaps the mountain gods are angry refusing to let the sun emerge
Creatures are all hidden and the only thing moving are falling leaves.


Dragon Hatcher

It seems there is always something new to find. As i was measuring the area for my yurt i found 2 baby dragons hatching. It must be spring.


Dragons Dancing

Multiple dragons danced in the wind this morning.

The promise of dreams come true.

Yes, I believe.

The Dragon Approaches

Come walk through my door. Sit on my floor.  Share a cup of tea.  For time here has paused.  There is only you and me.

Outside the storm clouds gather.  They grow fat and thick.  White upon gray.  Blue sky fades.

Come walk through my door and sit a moment.


(Another 50 word story.)


Dragon Dance

Can you see all the amazing dragons dancing in the sky?