Channeling Keith Richards

This morning I awoken happy to finally have my washing machine repaired and looking forward to washing clothes.
Clothes are in the machine and will soon need a place to dry. You may remember how the line broke leaving all my wet clothes in the dirt.
So I climb the mesquite tree and start tying on the line.  Bees are very curious and distracted me enough I fell out of the tree my knee connecting with a hard rock.  I am fine a bruse and a bit of stiffness.  All I could think of was Keith richards..being a sensible woman i ran inside to hopefully find I only channeled falling out of a tree not his petrified looks. Assuring myself all was well I checked my knee a small scrape some swelling but not bad at all. I covered it with frankincense oil and ice.
The morning progressed clothes were hung to dry and I drive to the mail box where I open a warrent for my arrest from another state. My name was not correct but just as people interchange jack, jon, john, Juan it still needed to be investigated. I called the justice department who after asking for birthday and other personal information assured me it was not me and they would remove my address from the warrent. 
Well it’s just another day in the high desert.


Cows and Elephants


Four angry cows , 2 adult 2 young and at least one bull spent the night in my yard yelling their heads off to the one outside. All night I dreamed about elephants.  This morning the Livestock dept. Told me they would “put my call in the hopper and see if anyone could come out.”


Foot prints.


It’s a good 4″ deep.
My neighbor who says she can sleep through anything heard them this morning and being from Wisconsin she chased them over the fence. Her parting comment was they are more scared of you then you are of them. I’m 5’2″ there are four cattle the smallest being 2 tons. Somehow I don’t agree but I’m from The Bronx not Wisconsin. 
I keep thinking about how friendly all the OG’s  I knew were. I’d take a gangsta over a cow. It’s only 5:30 in the morning all I can think of is a thick juicy sirloin, and elephants.
Maybe it’s just as well the lighting didn’t hit one I’d never haul it away. My neighbor said she could butcher it. Not top of my list.
I sure am learning a lot.

No Beautiful Skies Tonight


There are no beautiful skies tonight. Only smoke filled air. The forest is on fire. 

Mornings Warning


Dawn awoke degrees colder thick storm clouds moving in.
Cooler may have sounded better than cold but it really is colder not just cool.
Any yet my neighbor a young cotton tail hopped across the path hunting for breakfast. He survived the hunter cat’s visit at evening fall. I am glad to see that.
I look out for my neighbors but restrain from altering their destiny, life cycle and am truly glad to recognize their footprints. I love when they appear.
This spring I am biased towards the Cardinals and hummingbirds. Last year I had a fondness for cotton tails and jackrabbit yearning to transform into jack-a-lopes.
Soon the blue butterflies return.
For today I watch the storm clouds roll in, moving with a smooth consistency towards the west. The day deepens in blue and grey a cool blanket rests upon my shoulders.
Today threatens to hold a challenge behind that hides a promise of wonderment.

A Day in the Life

A friend called and asked what I’ve been doing on this crisp sunny day.
So I told them,
1 Lil Adorable washed clothes, hung them out to dry
2 played a little tackle tag with my neighbors chow
3 emptied a burn barrel
4moved the barrel and stared a new burn
5 pulled up weeds,branches, old wood to burn
6 moved some pallets
7more burning
8 raking found a rattle shed from a snake
9posted on my blog
10 checked the old white hot ashes and melted the sole of my shoe
11 checked the burn barrel
12 went inside to make lunch
Tortia cheese lettuce jalapeños
Hot cup of tea
13 Back outside to check burn barrel stur the burn around
14 play with coda & honeybunch my neighbors dogs
15 walk 2 miles to check mail box. I’m expecting solar heater
16 walk 2 miles back home
After that I’ll check the barrel again and stir it about. Go inside light a fire in the wood burning stove to heat the place.
Sit and weave some medicine baskets.
And you? What did you do today?


The thing about white hot ash is the middle name hot.


Just because it sat in the burn barrel for 3 days, no flame doesn’t mean there wasn’t a burn. Spilled the ash out and started to spread with my shoe when it felt warm. Yep, I melted my rubber sole.

Yotaki’s Busy Kitchen


Lil’Adorable is hard at work washing clothes. Rain is predicted and I want to get work clothes on the line before the world’s best fabric softener comes down from the sky.
A pot of sauce is simmering on the stove. It’s getting cold when the sun goes down.

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