Detoxing Yotaki Style

After 2 months of not being able to lift or exercise in preparation for eye surgery gave me a bad case of cabin fever. New years came and jan. 11,2016 I had surgery. Another 2 weeks before I can lift or exercise. The only thing to do was to plan a reward. I would dye my hair purple and blue.
So I made the appointment and impatiently waited. My hair WAS long enough to tuck into my jeans. The lady explaned how damaging the colors are to your hair. So after 5 minutes of back and forth I gave her free reign. Not totally but she took it anyway. One snip 12 inches were gone. Some how I was ok. Textured and colored a healthy eggplant color my now shoulder length hair actually looked shinny, healthy, and beautiful.
Not to lose any new year momentum I detoxify my refrigerator.


The big jug in front is master cleanser.
The cleanse is for one month for kissing bug and a good way to start the year.
Today is day 4.
Progress continues. I’m detoxing the house. A room that could be better used as a shower will evil vibes was torn down today. Feels amazing and clean now. Later this week it will be rebuilt.
Back to yard work, weighted hula hoop, exercise, and sauna.
3 days of master cleanser then vegetarian diet.
Oh nothing is that simple in Yotaki’s world. For the time being my bed is in the kitchen since the bedroom is a art studio. It’s almost tomorrow I just wish I was sleepy not hungry.


Won’t Find These At I-Hop

Mmmmm good. Facing a cold salad was not my idea of a tummy warming breakfast. The refirgerator revealed broccolli, spinach, onion,radish and one egg. What to do? I cooked up the broccolli until soft then mixed with hemp seeds and the one egg. Add black pepper, tumeric, sea salt and “bang!” A tummy warming pancake.

Eating my way through the week via color

Okay, so I made my way through the red food groups then the orange and yellowish foods now I am into the blue, black and deep green. I do feel as if I have more energy and focus but I have not lost any weight which was one of the purposes of doing a cleanse. It has been a full 14 days with no meat, fish, chicken, dairy or gluten. Only another 15 more to go.  Sometimes all I do is think about food. I have been doing a mono food thing since I stopped juices carrots and beets.  My juicer doesn’t seem to squeeze enough juice from spinach, radishes, or broccoli or cauliflower to make it worth while. I would rather get the fiber from the complete vegetable. I can’t wait until I can go back to juicing my carrots.

In the mean while I have been had at work or sometimes hardly working on a book cover design for a man who keeps changing his mind about what he wants. Really he does not know what he wants, hasn’t finished the rewrite nor the screen play but thinks he will make millions on it. I rather doubt it but when I complete the cover I am done with his projects. They are boring and frustrating. I keep telling him what he wants is a computer designer not a fine artist like me who draws from hand not via the computer. He insists he wants me but keeps making me draw freehand what a computer could do in 9 seconds. I should give him the finished project this week get my last pay installment and say aloha!

I do have a bag of onions and am trying to figure out away to make onion soup without the good stuff like vermouth, cheese and bread. Any suggestions? Juicing is totally out of the question!

Things are getting dull

It seems the last of the beets have worked its way out and all signs of fuscia are gone. Drank the last 5 lbs of juiced carrots on to the blueberries blackberries and spinach.
It turns out that after the first 10 days on this cleanse I can’t have carrots or parsnips. So umpa lumpa orange skin won’t be happening. In a way i am feeling disappointed. The rainbow brite life was fun.
I will be sure to update you on any colorful events. For now check me out on etsy by

Peeing Pink

For a week now I have been on a cleanse. So I bought a refrigerator full of vegetables and berries for juicing. About the third day I noticed I started to pee a pale pink. Congratulations! I am one of the 10-15% that doesn’t have the enzyme to break down beets. Things got a bit more exciting a few days later when it turned a delightful fushia color. As interesting as life can be I am glad that this morning’s juice contained the last beet. I still have 5 pounds of carrots and am beginning to wonder if I will turn a delightful “umpa lumpa” color of orange. Thank goodness my 1970’s juicer does not wring much juice from parsley or spinach as I would look horrible walking about green or green tinged. Besides I really like spinach raw better than juiced.

So this is a little insight into my colorful life and if I do turn orange I may promote myself as a human Popsicle, I used to like the raspberry orange ones although living in lLas Vegas where it is now playing between 112 – 118 I don’t think anyone would believe I was cold and certainly not frozen. BUT……

I AM DEFINITELY COLORFUL.  Humm I wonder if it has anything to do with being an artist. Maybe it is linked to that creative art gene and colorful peeing?

Detox Update

As of today I have been detoxing for almost 2 weeks.  During this time I ate foods I usually do not such as rice. Although it was an auvedic reciepie I was afraid that I would be gaining weight not lose weight.  This morning the scale said down 5 pounds! Yippie!!! I lost the sitting in a car driving padding.  Now I can go to the store and search for that perfect pair of jeans. I will let you know about inches and what size once I earn some shopping cash.

As to diet a balanced diet is what works.  I no longer eat any meat or fish and have cut out cheese but….. I am not a purest so I do have gargonzola on a salad and milk in my tea. I don’t think the milk counts because it is non dairy almond milk. Nothing processed.  We have somany chemicals in our bodies we likely walk about embalmed. I continue to eat nuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts. Protien can be ingested in many ways such as spinach.

Lately I have done recearch on whey protien and it is excellent for many digestive issues and repair of the body.  Take the concept of whey out of your mind as just for body building.  I will be posting one blog about all the benefits of whey protien.

Starting Monday I change my workout which I do regulary.  If you stick to the same exercises you will stop gaining improvement.  Your muscles adapt. So look for some blogs about fitness, health & exercise.  They will be fun and you should have all the “equiptment” you need in your kitchen or closet.

Healthy Tummy Hugging Lunch

Healthy lunch after a day of making art,  Check out to see how my painting is progressing. Time to make lunch so I open the young coconut for milk.  Don’t all great cooks drink while they create? Over the week end I went shopping in Chinatown so all the ingredients were ready and waiting. I always cook in a cast iron skillet shook a little hot chili oil and sesame oil into the pan, fresh garlic one clove, a bit of onion, saute them then slice thin Chinese eggplant mix it in.  Here I add a bit of hot pepper and black pepper. I prefer firm Tofu so slice some in now. Next a handful of beansprouts. Oh, in the over I had red yam baking with some Korean chestnuts. When everything looks about done add a big handful of fresh spinach (it shrinks) stir it up.  while this is cooking slice a bit of red yam and two shelled Korean roasted chestnuts. Stir about to warm it all up and YUM! Healthy and delicious. Let me know if you try it.

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