The Rez, Coyote, Illegal

The reservation crosses the border often illegals believe it an easier way to the states.
On his way back from performing a ceremony a medicine man drove around the bend only to be confronted with a man laying across the top of a chain link fence pretending to nap. As he looked at this strange sight the man opened an eye meeting the medicine man’s eye. He looked across the road where a coyote sat watching the events.
Coyote asked what the man was doing. Both shrugged and shared a laugh as the man continued to “nap” atop the frence.


Spirit Art

I went to a gathering where we made spirit art.  Three drops of paint on paper and rub.  Then open and interpret.  It was really fun so I thought I would share mine with you.

Spirit Art

This is what it looks like overall with the correct colors.  The blue square and yellow image on bottom left are just shadows from my phone.

Center close up

A close up of the center but the colors are off.

Coyote Totem

When I turned it upside down I saw the coyote with his long legs and red tongue hanging out.  It just so happens the Coyote is my Totem Animal!

If you want to try it simply fold a piece of paper in half.  Open the paper and let 3 drops of paint fall on or as close to center as possible.  Pick 3 different colors, one drop each.  Fold the paper and rub the paint out from the center.  Spirit will guide you.  Open the paper and ENJOY!

South Direction: Emotions

When one enters the Medicine Wheel we enter in silence.  It often is a challenge to find the stillness as we walk into the South.  The south is a teacher of emotions.  Here we stand when are emotions are raw and we feel confused.  Or when we are so full of joy we can not contain it.  Remember to stand in the center of the medicine wheel is to stand in Beauty, to be in balance with all things. Coyote is the teacher of the south as he likes to play tricks but can be nurturing as well. The water and healing herbs blossom in the south.

Today I have entered the sacred direction of the south and sit for a moment to feel all the emotions that have been swirling about me. Slowly I calm myself with long cleansing breaths. The past 3 weeks for me have have been a whirlwind of change. I left my home and friends of 6 years in a sudden decision.  I had only 3 days to pack & put into storage my belongings, sell what I could and move to another state where I began a new job the next day without preparation.  I think you can imagine the feelings, confusion and wonder bouncing about and within. So today I sat in the south and took some time to just breathe.

There is a simple yoga trick of curing the first and middle finger into the palm at the base of the thumb extending the ring and pinky finger.  This mudra helps deepen the breath and send the air into the lower abdomen to calm the breath and spirit. Just sitting and breathing I slowly acknowledged all that has transpired in 3 short weeks and the stress of emotional confusion like a long cloak slid off my back.

Opening my eyes I found myself gazing into the eyes of the ancestors who live in the north.  My ancestors who left a life across the ocean to seek a future in a new and strange land. No one spoke the language or understood the new ways but they still came.  They came and made a wonderful life leaving behind a legacy of love and joy. A small smile found it’s way onto my face looking around I discovered I had somehow walked into the center, with beauty all around me I shall walk.

To walk in beauty is to be in balance with all things.  Today may you walk in beauty.