You just need balls


I saw the quote on the back of a man’s shirt and thought I would feminized it.
Since I can’t get anyone to come and do repair work out here or when they do I must redo it I’ve signed up for residential construction classes at the college. I believe I deserve a big hot pink ball.


Detoxing Yotaki Style

After 2 months of not being able to lift or exercise in preparation for eye surgery gave me a bad case of cabin fever. New years came and jan. 11,2016 I had surgery. Another 2 weeks before I can lift or exercise. The only thing to do was to plan a reward. I would dye my hair purple and blue.
So I made the appointment and impatiently waited. My hair WAS long enough to tuck into my jeans. The lady explaned how damaging the colors are to your hair. So after 5 minutes of back and forth I gave her free reign. Not totally but she took it anyway. One snip 12 inches were gone. Some how I was ok. Textured and colored a healthy eggplant color my now shoulder length hair actually looked shinny, healthy, and beautiful.
Not to lose any new year momentum I detoxify my refrigerator.


The big jug in front is master cleanser.
The cleanse is for one month for kissing bug and a good way to start the year.
Today is day 4.
Progress continues. I’m detoxing the house. A room that could be better used as a shower will evil vibes was torn down today. Feels amazing and clean now. Later this week it will be rebuilt.
Back to yard work, weighted hula hoop, exercise, and sauna.
3 days of master cleanser then vegetarian diet.
Oh nothing is that simple in Yotaki’s world. For the time being my bed is in the kitchen since the bedroom is a art studio. It’s almost tomorrow I just wish I was sleepy not hungry.

Sometimes what you don’t know is what works

When I was in art school I did not know how everything worked or what I could or couldn’t do so some constructions were amazing successes and others disintegrated. Now I have been building or repairing a mobile home, chicken coops and other items of questionable heritage I have learned the rules do not always apply.

While building a foundation and sub-floor for my yurt I wanted something to reinforce the joints. I knew in my mind what was needed, have no idea if it exists or has a name until finally walking through the hardware store I checked out the sale items. (You never know) There was plastic trim for a screen door. Perfect it has a tiny piece that runs down the middle and wide edges that overlap each side of the floor.  The perfect part to fill a seam. I have no idea how it goes on a door but it is perfect for floor seams.

Even before the sub-floor was the foundation. Being a woman of 5’21/2″ tall I do have a certain amount of limitations so after lengthily research on the internet, you tube and conversations  with men in construction I went to a larger store and found 8’x10′ pine wood fence. Another jackpot. Using left over paint to weather protect and cause animals to reject as dinner (they are not supposed to like the taste of paint) I had a layer of my foundation that is strong, viable and needed only me, a garden wagon and s bit of brute force and karate screams to put in place. The fence looks like a gay Tom Sawyer dropped acid before painting but it is covered by insulation and a yurt, besides it makes me happy to know I have a joyful colored secret to walk or sleep upon.

Not having a bias or knowing that something can only be used one way opens a world of possibilities.

Fence posts and pallets have become ocean side boardwalks in my back yard or the dock to my water feature created by curving aqua metal recycled from the most extravagant mess of a chicken coop I ever saw.

I will try to embed a short video or multiple photos for those who are new and have not read previous posts. Unfortunately it is monsoon season and a huge gray/black cloud has enveloped the area therefore phones and electronic do not work well or at all. Therefore this post has no visuals.

Traditional Mongolian Yurt

The yurt arrived mid-day, 100 degrees and thanks to a neighbor and friend, Shirley, who kept us in iced smoothies we survived the heat and set up.


Standing inside the yurt space that will be covered and looking up at the sky. The wheel or top is called the tono, (I may be misspelling) you can see the beautiful hand painted Mongolian designs. The poles were hand shaped as well as hand painted. All materials are natural, horse hair ropes, sheep wool felt. I purchased the yurt from Groovy Yurts. Thank you to Yves and Christine who directed and set up the yurt. Two fabulous people. I highly recommend anyone interested in buying a yurt contact Yves at Groovy yurts.

20150530_175337_resizedHere is the yurt set up but not quite finished. There is a sky light on top with a space for a pipe if I choose to put in a wood burning stove. The top also has a heavy duty canvas that can cover the opening against rain or winds or just if you want more darkness.


Please be forgiving as this is after 3 plus hours of hard work in the hot sun. My brother, Me standing on the rock and Yves (who is 6’5″) from Groovy Yurts who did most of the hard work. Eddie and Christine unfortunately are not in the picture.

If you notice the blue scarf around my shoulders, it is from a ceremony Yves performed at the end of set up in the Mongolian tradition. The blue scarf represents respect.


The top of the yurt is now covered. The moon is just coming out and one of my neighbors is standing on a post checking out the new construction.


Full moon over the yurt.

There are many traditions and practices that go with a yurt and I shall tell you more about the history and stories tomorrow. But for tonight sweet dreams from the desert.

I never played juanga

I never played blockhead or balancing games. Not a game lover but I think I would win.



Today I spent 5 hours working on the rim.measured 3 times, cut a new piece of nonstretch string, which does stretch by the way and with teeth clenched banded, screwed and anchored the rim.
When I was at the lumber yard looking for angles and screws the lady thought I was nuts.
Loudly, proclaiming
, ” You want to screw a curved wall to a flat floor! What you ate taking off the wall!” I tried to walk away saying someone else said they would help. She just looked at me huffed and harumphed shouting no one can help you.
I expressed my idea to my old helper friend who suggested short 1″ angles and a bendable metal band to hold the board ends together. It fit exactly with my thinking. Today I screwed it all into place. Exhaustion and wind had me quiting after 5 hrs.
Tomorrow I will caulk the seams then do something fun. Maybe check out Tombstone Wyatt Erup days.   After the caulking I still need to add some missing floor sections and paint.
With all the measuring and non stretch cord circumference I am not sure how that happened but  ot surprised.




Bad day at the aluminum can

Tried to work on yurt too windy to hold boards. Tried to do weed wacking broke weedwacker. Started gardening and got stabbed in the head with a yucca blood all over my face. If I had a closet I would go hide. 😥
One joint joined.


Blood proof on glove.


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