Short Girl Challenges

I never felt any short girl challenges before but yesterday I finally had to admit to one.
Not being able to reach up on the high shelf was not a challenge I just took down the cabinets. When my son was in high school he reached 6 foot tall.  The one time I needed to scold him I stood on the couch so we could see eye to eye. It worked for about 30 seconds and we ended up laughing.
There was one kitchen that had high cabinets so when he wasn’t home I just climbed up on the counter and reached what ever I needed. If he was home I simply had to call his name and he knew what was needed.
I have always bought my jeans in the juniors department. They simply fit better. Since I moved to the high desert I found 2 elements to begin the challenge. I think juniors have gotten taller or have longer legs because lately I have turned cuffs up unless of course I wore cowgirl boots. 3 inch heels cure.
Added to that is somehow elements of the high desert jumped into the cuffs. I began to find odd rocks, pieces of wood and not sure what else on the floor.
Yesterday I had to admit : first real short girl challenge: yes, my long pants carried half the desert back home every time I went out.
Well, I’m still 5′ 21/4″ and my feet still touch the ground. I am the perfect hight for me and believe I may have found a solution. I simply empty each cuff before entering the house, definitely before putting in the washing machine.


Cut the tree

I was going to trim the branch but it allows for such magnificent pictures I can’t do it.



Killer Kows

“You know about the cows?”


“In Arizona it is free range, which means cows cam roam as they please.  If you don’t want cows in your yard you must put up a fence.”

The person who owns the cows doesn’t need to have a fence?

“No, if you don’t want cows in your yard YOU must put up a fence. Also if the cows knock down the fence or destroy anything it is not the rancher or cow owners responsibility.”

What?! Oh well, can I then have a big Bar B Que?

“No, you are responsible for the cows until the owner gets them.”

Until last night all I thought all I had to worry about were scorpions, rattlesnakes, gilamonsters, javilina, kissing bugs, and other poisonous snakes and likely other creatures no one has yet horrified me with. Now I need to add cows to the list.

These aren’t the nice New Jersey milk cows we are talking about?

“No. they are wild steers, beef cows and bulls. By the way bulls can jump 5 feet high.”

Not sure what my nightmares will hold tonight but scorpions even the translucent ones here seem much less intimidating.

Oh, by the way starting April 7 I will be feeding horses for a week. That should prove interesting as I have never done this. For those of you new to my blog I was born in The Bronx. There are not too many jumping bulls or stampeding cows on Madison Ave. Although the police do ride beautiful horses.

But I sure look cute in my pink cowgirl hat.

The path I dance

It is amazing how when you refuse to let the dark and negative folks into your circle the light grows brighter.  They of course stand around desperate to break in and destroy.  That is why it is important to set boundaries and stick to them.  Amazing is the word I have to repeat the light has the power of the sun to burn away the dark and treacherous, it illuminates the path.  I was thinking today how like the roots of a tree we are offered many paths each with their own twists and turns a few even end up at the same destination only the journey differed.

When I used to run I preferred marathons because the terrain would change.  I avoided the flat courses.  I found the flats to be boring and would take the hills over them any day.  My first marathon was actually the San Francisco Marathon.  My life follows the same pattern.  The path twists and turns often to be knotted up and tangled.  Sometimes it is like a slide straight down hill with no stopping point and other times the flat comfortable and what I unfortunately find a little boring path.  Now don’t get me wrong I like when things work out, (please don’t stop), but I do like change and challenges always interest me. That is why the loves of my life art & dance always conflicted. Each deserves full time attention.  How can one become more important than the other? So I have spent my whole life trying to find a means of combining the two.  That is how I became a Dream Dancer, for I dance dreams into reality. May your dance have lovely twists and turns with just enough jumps to keep you focused and interested.

Medicine Wheel East Direction

Having accepted a job that turned out to be vastly different than advertised to be I have have spent the past 2 weeks extremely stressed and confused as t o stay or walk away. I did the usual asking advice from everyone and for the most part not liking the answers they provided.  Of course each one had responded clearly from their personal perspective.  I realized today that the only good and true answer had to come from me.

Not having a medicine wheel where I now live. I took the sacred pollen out to greet the sun and honored the four directions.  Then facing the East asked for guidance and wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do the right thing and of course the courage to walk in my own foot prints.

The East is the direction of wisdom, understanding, the mind and intellect. As I stood in my yard facing the morning sun I realized that to face the sun, the east direction I was also standing in the West.  The West is the direction of the physical, movement, to take action. It was time for me to take action.

Standing frozen in time and space waiting for someone to tell me what to do was not going to work.  I needed to start moving.  Once inertia becomes movement even just a gesture, it continues to move.  So I made my first decision and began to move on it.  It was small but ultimately will be the catalyst for larger and more grandiose gestures.  Inertia has now become kinetic energy.

Would things have been different if I stood in the East and faced the west as I asked for insight and answers? Yes, I am sure.  Perhaps I would have seen how I was wasting time spinning my wheels and yet going no place searching for answers.  That no matter how many people I ask for advice or direction ultimately the answer is within my heart.  And yes, I did find the answer.  I am going to continue with my partial day job and work on my Walking The Wheel lifestyle program of fitness for mind, body, heart & spirit.  Through this I also teach about the medicine wheel and how it can be used by individuals and corporations, for healing and problem solving and so much more.  The challenge for me is to become more adroit at the computer.

So here is my first gift to you, an introduction to the medicine wheel and the East Direction.

May you walk in Beauty.