The Bar is open


And water is being served.
Sorry it is dark but I didn’t want to get too close and frighten him away.
Put water out and here they come.


Hello from Ohio!

Hello Everyone! Thank you all who sent a note asking if I was okay and where I am.  I was without internet access.

Let’s see, last I left you I was in the rain with Tucson in my rear view mirror, actually the best view of Tucson. From there I went to Las Vegas to have my mechanic check out my truck.  I would not trust anyone else. Not time for much but I did get to see my son who gave me the absolute best Christmas present. A while back I told him I wanted to try my hand as a street artist well he actually listened! He gave me 4 cans of spray paint in designer colors and 10 spray tips. The best present I have ever gotten! I can’t wait to try my hand at it.

So with a quick hello to only a few friends I packed up the truck and drove to Denver.  Utah has the most incredible red rock formations, the western portion of Denver beautiful mountains and twisting roads.  I did learn the hard way one does not stay overnight in Denver city limits there is a city tax (3xs more than state) then state tax and the taxes cost me 1/2 as much as the hotel room.

The second day I drove on to Kansas.  The weather could not have been more spectacular. The third day I was at the Ohio state line when the dry white flakes began to fall.  I made it to Columbus where my daughter and her family live by the afternoon.

It has been a great trip.  The weather was spectacular the driving easy and all went well.  I will tell you more about my adventures tomorrow as I am sure you imagined I did have a few. :0)

After Ohio I will drive down to Philadelphia.  Maybe I can try out my spray paints there?

Thanks and love to all of you who cared and missed me. Hugs and love, Yotaki