When I grow up

When I was little I wanted to be a NYC cop. They rode beautiful horses outside the theater, Broadway, 42ST. Manhatten must look magnificent on horseback. Later I thought being a garbage man would be fantastic. Just look at all the amazing stuff people throw away and I could have.
Every Sunday the family drove to Staten Island to visit my grandparents and I would watch the grills and headlights of the cars and think perhaps a car psychologist.
When I graduated art school my father suggested I go into business making antiques.
Instead I have been an ethnic dancer performer since jr. High even had my own troupe and lectured at Yale and Dartmouth in ethnomusicology.
I always made art and still do.
I even did a stint working as a psychologist in the prison. Not my favorite job. I have told fortunes, taught college, and worked for military overseas.
Now I make artistic construction, create sacred places for living. This land is magical.
I learned to ride a horse in central park, a camel at The Bronx zoo, drive a tractor in Israel and donkey in Morocco.
I think I walked across Europe with my daughter on my back at least twice.
There are places I’ve never been and still want to see.
I wonder what I will be next. I so love being me.


Sally Sunshine & her magic bubble

Sitting at the breakfast bar with my new friend “Sally Sunshine” discussing what we really want to be doing in our lives, career changes, places to live all the normal breakfast conversation the winds continued to blow the trees making the ominous rustling noise as the sky grew charcoal grey when a fat glorious rainbow appeared.  It seemed to form from the center of the broken window and grow across the sky. We both rushed outside to enjoy the blessing of the morning rainbow until a clap of thunder and drops of rain began to fall.  We had been standing next to a pond of water and it seemed wise to enjoy the rainbow from inside at the kitchen bar again.

The conversation had been about both our futures and intentions when the rainbow appeared.  It was accepted as a sign that we are on the right path and good will travel with us, as a rainbow symbolizes hope.

So who is Sally Sunshine and what is a magic bubble?

Sally Sunshine is one of the truly good hearted, kind and cheerful people that seldom walks the roads of Las Vegas. She claims to live in a magic bubble where she sees only the positive and stays happy. Under normal circumstances it would be the type of person you want to steer clear of but she is authentic. She does pad herself in this bubble of joy which may not be a bad thing to learn how to do. She sees only the best in everyone and every situation and realizes at times it makes her too trusting.  Of course she gets hurts just like everyone else in life but she is not one to carry a rain cloud.

I really like our talks because she listens and sees the positive.  She does not judge or interject what she thinks is best. You can tell there is a strong woman behind that bubble of light. So here is to Sally Sunshine and the morning rainbow!