Would you be surprised if I told you the head of security said the guard is new, we all make mistakes and he is very sorry.  Then of course the security head began to yell at me and blame me.  How does one go from being victim to offender in less than 60 seconds.  Oh well, all I can imagine is that it will now become very difficult for any of my guests to get through the gate without being harassed by security.  Once more, really reconsider if you plan to live in an HOA.

I forgot to mention the person was seen walking around my house and peering in my neighbors windows! How is that for security.

I know some of you are also going through foreclosure.   It seems people have very similar experiences. If your foreclosure is just beginning perhaps this will help you avoid some of the pitfalls. Try to stay focused on what you want and how it is best for you to reach that goal.