A little coffee on my snake please

I woke up made coffee went out to throw the grounds mixed with water on my roses tree that needed a little help after being devoured by rabbits only to find a well camouflaged green snake resting amoung the mint.
The snake began wiggling and shooting out his tongue obviously not a rattlesnake but could be the deadly Mohave green so I rush inside call my neighbor who informs me it sounded like a friendly and to let it be. When I hung up or what ever it is we do with cellular phones and realized it was just 6:30am. Now that is a good neighbor!
I am still uncertain if the snake enjoyed the morning bath in coffee or not but I do know now who lives inside the hole by my rose.
Spent the next 3 hours studying construction math and finally praying the care Bears don’t fail me now. Remember those wonderful bears?
Heat is rising and I only hope the day gets better.

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