Morning Scone

Sitting at the hostel in Dublin finishing my morning scone and coffee. It’s Sunday this hostel gives scones with breakfast.
I have learned so much about Irish culture and history aside from the beauty of the land. Last night I went on a traditional Irish music pub crawl which wasn’t much as far as drinking goes but the musicians were fascinating teachers and terrific musicians.  Musicians are expected to learn by ear then to change the music to make it their own. I love that!!!  There are so many nuances that make the music great. No one is allowed to just be an observer you must sing, play tell a story or poem, me, I danced. The music makes my feet happy.
During the long walk, the starvation period, or what is also known as potato  famine,  it was the Choctaw Indians who raised money to save the starving people. If you wonder why  the people didn’t just fish the land owners said all the land and oceans were theirs and forbid it. The attitude of non interference prevailed but isn’t claiming the oceans, sky and land as forbidden interference?  It took a poor and starving people from across the ocean to help them survive.
I have no Irish blood but who ever does has great cause to be proud.


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