Remember Angela Davis?

“I’m no longer accepting the things I can not change. I am changing the things I can not accept.”

Perhaps it is time to bring back the spirit of the ’60’s, especially for women to fight to keep a hold on the rights they now have. Learn from history. People did not believe that hitler would do the atrocities he did. They sat back in disbelief and let it all happen.

The United States has both an atrocity and the ability to stop insane inhumane actions. Where are all the warrior women? Do not shrink under the covers and hope that in four years it will all go away and we can recover. That is an impossibility. Do not run into a virtual reality to hide from what we all have created.

There are many ways to fight, from signing petitions to boycotting anything trump related from starbucks to fashion. To educate oneself about politics and the law. Women learn self defense because when a man comes up to you and grabs you or is inappropriate because the president says it is ok now you will know how to defend yourself ,or simply kick him where he thinks.

Every action you take will count. Small and large but most certainly educate yourself on politics, laws, business and women’s self defense. Bring back the spirit of the 60’s, the pride, courage and conviction. Do you know that in 1950 women were still chattel under the law? It was illegal to have inter-racial marriage, forget even talking about being gay, and “that girl” who disappeared for 9 months and was forced to give up her child and forbidden to go to public school or died from an illegal abortion.

Too many took pride in protest votes or refused to vote. I am not saying the alternative was exponentially better I am saying this can not and should not go any further. Become active in politics know what you are talking about and never let this happen again.


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  1. Janni Styles
    Jan 07, 2017 @ 23:53:41

    In Canada women were chattel up to the eighties and it was legal to beat them so long as you didn’t use a stick bigger around than your thumb. When I was raising awareness by giving talks to doctors, victim services workers, heads of probation, police, Crown Counsel, women’s shelter staff, etc, people were always shocked by that fact I shared. Just as they were about it taking a woman on average, 34 attempts to leave an abusive relationship. It likely took me more because I spent 12 years trying to figure out how to do it without backlash from him. Didn’t matter. I have been out of that relationship since 2009, about 8 years now and there is still abuse and backlash from him especially since the courts ordered him to pay me a scant income. I block my phone, etc but he finds ways to turn the screw alternating with his claim he will always love me and wants me back. It will end when one of us dies. Still, I know I am one of the lucky ones. Love this piece you wrote, can you tell, lol. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. beautywalk
    Jan 08, 2017 @ 00:39:50

    So sad and true. Even today some of the state’s turn a blind eye to wife and woman abuse. A mans duty to keep his wife inline. And now with insanity elect with his belief about maltreatment of women I fear we will move backwards. Sadly, Yotaki Beautywalk


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