I was watching Hulu when some interesting realities came to mind.
The show I was watching is from the UK, the Comercial is in Spanish but it was the third ad that shook me. A new “phone” that are virtual reality glasses.
I fear for those brought up in virtual reality and super tecnology.
Reality even at times painful is what life is. Life is for living, feeling, seeing, smelling experiencing.
The thrill of standing still with a cotton tail or cardinal slight foot away. The adrenaline of a 6 foot rattlesnake slithering by or the smell of crapes being cooked on the street.
Speaking face to face. Touching a live person. Hearing an elder tell a story. Moving through time.
Reality is life. Virtual reality is a virtual escape from life. Life is not a game and yet I know a 30 yr old man working in sillacon valley who has an alarm set so no mater what he is doing even visiting at thanksgiving dinner he stops and reads for 30 minutes. He is working on expanding his mind.  It is a sad time.


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