Cows and Elephants


Four angry cows , 2 adult 2 young and at least one bull spent the night in my yard yelling their heads off to the one outside. All night I dreamed about elephants.  This morning the Livestock dept. Told me they would “put my call in the hopper and see if anyone could come out.”


Foot prints.


It’s a good 4″ deep.
My neighbor who says she can sleep through anything heard them this morning and being from Wisconsin she chased them over the fence. Her parting comment was they are more scared of you then you are of them. I’m 5’2″ there are four cattle the smallest being 2 tons. Somehow I don’t agree but I’m from The Bronx not Wisconsin. 
I keep thinking about how friendly all the OG’s  I knew were. I’d take a gangsta over a cow. It’s only 5:30 in the morning all I can think of is a thick juicy sirloin, and elephants.
Maybe it’s just as well the lighting didn’t hit one I’d never haul it away. My neighbor said she could butcher it. Not top of my list.
I sure am learning a lot.


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