Mornings Warning


Dawn awoke degrees colder thick storm clouds moving in.
Cooler may have sounded better than cold but it really is colder not just cool.
Any yet my neighbor a young cotton tail hopped across the path hunting for breakfast. He survived the hunter cat’s visit at evening fall. I am glad to see that.
I look out for my neighbors but restrain from altering their destiny, life cycle and am truly glad to recognize their footprints. I love when they appear.
This spring I am biased towards the Cardinals and hummingbirds. Last year I had a fondness for cotton tails and jackrabbit yearning to transform into jack-a-lopes.
Soon the blue butterflies return.
For today I watch the storm clouds roll in, moving with a smooth consistency towards the west. The day deepens in blue and grey a cool blanket rests upon my shoulders.
Today threatens to hold a challenge behind that hides a promise of wonderment.


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