Detoxing Yotaki Style

After 2 months of not being able to lift or exercise in preparation for eye surgery gave me a bad case of cabin fever. New years came and jan. 11,2016 I had surgery. Another 2 weeks before I can lift or exercise. The only thing to do was to plan a reward. I would dye my hair purple and blue.
So I made the appointment and impatiently waited. My hair WAS long enough to tuck into my jeans. The lady explaned how damaging the colors are to your hair. So after 5 minutes of back and forth I gave her free reign. Not totally but she took it anyway. One snip 12 inches were gone. Some how I was ok. Textured and colored a healthy eggplant color my now shoulder length hair actually looked shinny, healthy, and beautiful.
Not to lose any new year momentum I detoxify my refrigerator.


The big jug in front is master cleanser.
The cleanse is for one month for kissing bug and a good way to start the year.
Today is day 4.
Progress continues. I’m detoxing the house. A room that could be better used as a shower will evil vibes was torn down today. Feels amazing and clean now. Later this week it will be rebuilt.
Back to yard work, weighted hula hoop, exercise, and sauna.
3 days of master cleanser then vegetarian diet.
Oh nothing is that simple in Yotaki’s world. For the time being my bed is in the kitchen since the bedroom is a art studio. It’s almost tomorrow I just wish I was sleepy not hungry.


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