Hello world

Blogging 101 said to introduce ourself and why we are here. Quite a challenge.
For a week I have put esoteric thoughts behind the request. I still lack an answer.
I live on a mountain in the desert minutes from the Mexican border. When I first moved here I lived in a demolished 1950’s trailer. I hired a neighbor to put up two walls and build a door. He allowed me to help. So I wrote about doing construction and life in an aluminum can.
The land and sky are magical. Please view some of my posts over the past year to understand why I am here.
I make art and dance. Use a weighted hula hoop to exercise while I watch the burn barrel. Recognize the cotton tails and jackrabbits.
I love when you read and comment.
Saturday is my birthday. I have made a few spectacular friends over the year but one I have known less than a month has dubbed the year sweet 16. Awesome concept. I will borrow it since my birthday is early in the year this Saturday I shall be sweet 16 to match the year. To a year of joy, laughter, triumph, friends and successful construction.


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