Frozen in Time


The other morning I walked out to see my faucet no longer dripped, it was frozen in time. Cold hard immovable solid.
I started to think about people. No matter how hard you work at changing some people are frozen seeing only what they wish to see. The whole world can see and sense something mysterious, magical and beautiful. They can write notes of thanks, of love and kindness but not this one. The one only sees darkness, they feel only anger and hate creating what they believe to become a truth. At times this hatred can bring forth that image. As if a kenetic force it does not stop until it has set in motion something that perhaps did exist a long time ago or was merely a creation of their imagination.
Can we hate so strongly we see only frozen water when live droplets move?
Can we destroy the good the changes with hurtful negative words wanting only to be right.
They say the brightest star illuminates a dark night. I so wish to believe that but have found the dark night hangs shadows, like sticky spider webs hiding the brightest light. Glosimer threads, although golden do not allow the truth to burn through.
When one can only be seen as a memory frozen in time even if the rest of the world sees a river dancing over and around rocks, that darkness has the power to stop the flow perhaps only for moments, yet ice crystals now ride the river forever altered.


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