A Day in the Life

A friend called and asked what I’ve been doing on this crisp sunny day.
So I told them,
1 Lil Adorable washed clothes, hung them out to dry
2 played a little tackle tag with my neighbors chow
3 emptied a burn barrel
4moved the barrel and stared a new burn
5 pulled up weeds,branches, old wood to burn
6 moved some pallets
7more burning
8 raking found a rattle shed from a snake
9posted on my blog
10 checked the old white hot ashes and melted the sole of my shoe
11 checked the burn barrel
12 went inside to make lunch
Tortia cheese lettuce jalapeños
Hot cup of tea
13 Back outside to check burn barrel stur the burn around
14 play with coda & honeybunch my neighbors dogs
15 walk 2 miles to check mail box. I’m expecting solar heater
16 walk 2 miles back home
After that I’ll check the barrel again and stir it about. Go inside light a fire in the wood burning stove to heat the place.
Sit and weave some medicine baskets.
And you? What did you do today?


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