Outlaws & neighbors

My neighbor is on vacation so I am watching her place,watering, and feeding her dogs. It was time to hit the trail to her place.
The other day I was bit by the deadly kissing bug ( yes it’s real look it up.) So my face has a rash and swollen. In preparation for the walk I covered my face with a kerchief and strapped on my 6-shooter, OK, artistic license, it really is a 357. But 6 shooter sounds so much better.
Between our property is a barb wire fence. That’s where I lose all my outlaw dignity. I get on my belly and skoot  under it military style but still.


Guess I don’t look too tuff with a pink and orange kerchief anyway.
When I returned all my plants must have smelt water on me and put on an up roar. So I had to water them.
I really need to find a way through the barb wire and keep my dignity. Belly crawl isn’t outlaw style.
I need to cowboy up and mist my way right through it. Those guys were tuff. How do you get through barb wire without belly crawling?
Oh for you nonbelievers here is a photo of a kissing bug.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zhang10jin
    Jan 23, 2016 @ 16:08:07

    The insect in the second picture is not a kissing bug. Note the hind legs of the insect in your picture. The legs of kissing bugs are uniformly round. http://kissingbug.tamu.edu/found-a-bug has a list of insects that look like kissing bugs but that are not kissing bugs.


    • beautywalk
      Jan 23, 2016 @ 16:11:43

      I would like to think it is not but both the exterminator and Dr. Said it was. This area is full of kissing bugs of many varieties. There is now a study about all the different types. Thank you for looking into it.


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