Wire-Less Re-Cap

Wire-less re-cap

I promised I would report back what it was like to be unplugged and wireless.

I chose to do this on an adventure to the Sea of Cortez. Of course, within hours of arriving I momentarily wished I had my smart phone to look up information which I should have done before traveling but the feeling passed quickly.I had no smart phone to translate, to convert money or to capture photographs. Of course no TV or other devices.

I did think of you and want to blog photographs and stories but a promise is a promise. And I soon forgot about being connected.

What I did do was sit on the beach at 5:30 every day to watch magnificent sunrises and to really see them. I stood in the Sea of Cortez with dolphins and pelicans arms distance away and experienced it.

I never wear a watch so I never check the time and ate if hungry at any time. I walked the length of San Carlos meeting wonderful people, a few too many Americans and Canadians, drew sketches of the mountains, landscape and home.

By the time I returned home I really did not turn on my electronics although I did contact my family. Since then I have used less, seen more, and felt more, experienced life in a free and gentle way.

Another outcome is my art has become more proficient and imaginative.







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