Medicine Wheel

                    Medicine circle
Since I didn’t technically create a medicine wheel I am calling it a medicine circle.
          What is a medicine wheel? It is the circle of life. The four cardinal directions, father sky, mother earth and the seventh most sacred direction within. Various tribes have different colors associated with each direction. For example the Lakota use yellow, red, black, white for the directions east to north and the Apache use yellow, green, black, white. It is interesting the Chinese use blue/green, red, black, white, with yellow in the center.


I walked my property and found the rocks or stone people who glowed and brought them into the circle. Since I have had teachers from many cultures I made the circle personal and to honor them.
The large red stone in the center represents the good red road the black stones, the black road of challenges and difficulties. In life it is not simple we have many challenges and sometimes we think we are walking in a good way when we are not.


By stopping to observe the stones and to hear their wisdom we once again come into balance, to walk in beauty with all things.



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