Gray Squirrel

It all started yesterday when I looked out the kitchen window to see a gray squirrel. I have never seen a squirrel of any kind on the 10 ac and I have no trees so seeing a gray squirrel was a conundrum.  Of course in town there are many but there are also many trees. He wasn’t one to be watched and disappeared quickly.

My neighbor went to visit family and kept saying she was going east. When I asked it was southern Virginia where she was headed.  A location which I think of as south or south east as a part does touch the Atlantic. It has all become very confusing.

Last night I learned patience. The computer was downloading at a speed a snail ( if I had any) could out run. So I cleared an area and started exercising with my weighted hula hoop. I hooped ( ? ) non stop and after 30 minutes it downloaded and I realized I had not dropped the hoop in 30 minutes so being excited of course it fell.  I probably could use a break anyway.

Some days are just beyond understanding and mine all began with a gray squirrel.


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