Edible Flowers

There is not too much you can do during monsoon, especially when the rain begins at 2 AM. Facing gray clouds rain and hail I chose to start a hot soup at 10 AM.
Now at 3 I was able to endulge.


Fresh organic spring mix with spinach, home grown tomatoes and sprouts topped with edible flowers. The flavors are so unique and edgy you don’t need dressing or vinegar. If you make it with rose petals the flavor is so delicate have a clean palette, no coffe, tea, smoking etc. for an hour before. Roses are interesting as each color has a slightly different taste.
Soup started as onion but that was the only ingredient I had so cabbage, turnip, yellow peppers were added. A little water, amino (soy sauce), and shot of marsala wine to cook in, pepper, 2 tiny crystals of hymalaian salt, parsley and some Italian type herbs without oregano.
Fantastic! It even brought the sun out momentarily. 
Let me know if you try it.


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