Good Morning Thunder!

It is 5:30 am and I pretend to sleep until 6 and a bit. The tap tap tap of the rain and ensuing thunder force me to give up. I went to bed with rain and now the thunder shakes the earth. The lightning is so close I put on socks and sneakers. I am hoping the rubber soles will protect me inside the aluminum can (trailer) should lightning hit.

I know we need the rain, I know the sky is beautiful, it cools off the temperature, yes, yes, I know all that but still

I do not like the constant daily, sometimes multiple times a day rain, I left San Francisco long ago because of bone chilling rain vowing never to live in that climate again. Strangers stop me in the street to say, “Isn’t is beautiful!” I simply smile and walk on, (that is if I have made it off the mountain).  What can I say?

I look across only a part of the 10 ac and see how the weeds have grown another foot overnight. I am still upset about my century plant falling over, my friend the rabbit loves the rain or rather after the rain. I see him fearlessly covering the yard tasting every juicy blade of grass. A scorpion big and bold came out of no where to join me at the keyboard last night. He won’t do that again. Don’t know why there was a pliers handy but I am grateful it was there.  I grow weary of killing.

The only traps that seem to be working are the ant traps so the night rain has not brought an influx of ants, yet!

In a week the monsoon has turned from hot and humid to cooler rains. I can tell the weather by my hair, hot and humid equals ringlets and cooler simply waves, when it gets cold at the end of September my hair will be straight. Multiple personality hair.

I am thinking about starting an agave farm. Just gather all the pods and scatter. Or cut out the seeds and make beautiful beads.

Right now the rain has stopped and the aroma of skunk grows strong as it always does after the rain. The weeds are about shoulder height and hide a good many evils, diamondbacks, Mohave green, scorpions, brown recluse and who knows what I have not yet met. (sigh) too high for me I will wait for colder weather even though it is more difficult to pull then. On the porch a sculpture awaits. I hope the stench of skunk is not too strong.


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