Premeditated murder, when you plan ahead to kill. I am not a murderer but I am premeditating.

Today I bought 5 rat traps. The last pack rat I saw was larger than a softball and I know he has been in my house. How do I know? He stole my pumpkin seeds and carried them about. I found some in my boots in the kitchen, within my towels in the bathroom and behind the pillow on the living room futon. I hear it at night and that is not conducive to sleep.

Two sticky traps for mice, bugs, scorpions are in place. The only thing with action are the two ant trap/bates that have invited every ant in the desert inside. They are supposed to bring the poison back to the nest but?  For now I am dubious.

I dread finding a rat in the trap but dread more finding one face to face with me. I hope the rabbits and quail do not poke their heads where they do not belong. hat would really make me sad.

I am sure every rancher and farmer are having a good laugh and all the no kill animals are condemning me but neither are in my shoes. If they would only stay outside and away from my tiny space I would be grateful. My home is sacred, a haven and I need to feel safe.  Yeah, I’m feeling guilty and nothing has yet been caught.


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  1. Kitti Watts
    Aug 25, 2015 @ 09:03:55

    Don’t feel guilty for killing rats. Rats and humans have been sworn enemies since the beginning of time.

    Ant bait attracts ants at first, then kills them. It takes a few days to see the population decline.

    Personally, I hate sticky traps. I would rather kill quickly than leave the creature alive and stuck until they starve to death. I think a quick kill is more merciful.

    Everything is subject to the laws of cause and effect. If nasty critters make the cause to invade your space or steal your food they will be able to change their karma quickly by getting the effect immediately.


    • beautywalk
      Aug 25, 2015 @ 09:08:24

      Thanks for you comments. Especially from a chanting Buddhist. The sticky traps are more for bugs and scorpions. The last time I tried one for mice they ran off with the trap!
      It didn’t rain last night so so evidence in the house. YOTAKI


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