The Neighborhood

I was looking out the kitchen window after an all night downpour checking out how the neighborhood fared. The cottontail is still feeding on the juicy grass while the jackrabbit pushes off long hind legs crossing the yard as swiftly as possible.  A huge black pack rat ran through the side yard causing me disgust and grief. They love to eat wires, are the size of a large soft ball, mean teeth, and manage to enter the aluminum can (trailer for those new to this blog) and scratch in the walls and run freely while I sleep. For some reason the lizards are more black now yet the butterflies are brighter yellow, orange and blue, red fire ants are endless as are the black one. The fire ants do bite and are very painful.

The rain has brought out the tarantulas, furry, scary but helpful and the scorpions about which I can say nothing positive. Rains wash down the snakes especially the young who are the most aggressive and deadly not knowing how to control their venom. The no-see-ums and mosquitoes are feasting on me but ……

The sky is clean with magnificent fluffy white clouds and dark threatening blankets, the sun radiates and the moon glows. Flowers appear where yesterday there were none. A cardinal landed on the window sill showing me his beautiful plumage and the ravens have returned.  The century plant is now in full bloom and the doves, quail and starlings parade and sing.

There is no greater beauty in life than the peace and wonder of nature.


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